Fortnite XP Farm Glitch (300,000 Xp Per Minute) Method Guide

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Fortnite is famous for introducing its battle pass system and can be solely credited for popularizing this system in many AAA games. With many players still on the grind to level up, we are here to share an XP glitch that will make your grind much easier.

How to Perform the Glitch in Fortnite

Here is the step-by-step guide on how to perform this glitch.

  1. Go to creative mode – to preform this glitch you will need to hop on to the creative mode, this is the only known mode where performing this glith is possible.
  2. Creative Hub – When you enter the creative mode your would be put in the creative hubs through which you can access creative portals. There will be multiple creative portals availiable and the glitch can be performed in any of them so hop on to any one of them.
    You would need to enter the code 4172-4095-0163?v=155 and wait for the portal to launch and walk into it.
  3. Start the game : You would need to start your game where you will be placed in an 1v1 arena with tons of loot.
  4. Pick these wepons:
    Minigun Legendary
    Brutus Minigun Legendary
  5. Interact with support a creator panel: Interact with the panel and enter the code Fronztie7188
  6. Open the vault in the map: you will be placed in a map and on one of its edges you will find the vault interact with the vault and enter it. Pres the * key three time to enter yet another secret room. Here you will find an item floating around walk through it to obtain a pink aura.
  7. Go back to the starting area: you would have to press the big green button to return to the starting room with loot. After returning respawn from the menu, you will notice the pink aura will be gone upon respawing.
  8. Build: You would need to build 3 stairs on left side of the first 1 v 1 “V” shaped platforms and then 4 floors in front. Stand on the edge of the the fourth sloor and fall down to respawn again.
  9. Break the platform: Upon respawning break the platform that you had earlier build and go to the reset structure button.
  10. Spam Reset Structure Buttons: To perform the ulimited XP glitch you need to keep hitting the green buttons that reset structures as you get XP ech time you hit any of the two buttons.

Hopefully, this guide helped you to ease your XP grind in the latest chapter of Fortnite.

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1 year ago

what is the * key for a ps5 controller?

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