Frogge Roblox: Everything You Need To Know

Frogge Roblox

Roblox has an enormous number of multiplayer games that you can choose from and play with your friends or random people. Frogge is also an online multiplayer game on Roblox.

When the game starts, a player among all the joined players has a chance of becoming the frogge. The game starts with a timer of 3 minutes. You need to chase all the players and knock out as many as you can. The players can run, hide and revive other players.

“You can run but you cannot hide!”
-Probably Frogge

How to play Frogge Roblox

frogge game details

The game controls are simple. There are 4 main controls in the game, crouch, taunt, heal and sprint.


Crouch is used to passing through vents. You’ll also need to crouch to use Taunt.
To crouch press C.


Taunt doesn’t provide you with any abilities or utilities. Using taunt creates a fart sound and visuals. To use Taunt simultaneously press C + F


Heal is used to revive and heal knocked-down players. You simply need to stand over knocked players to heal them. Although a player can only be healed twice. The third time a player is knocked down, that player is eliminated.


Sprint allows you to run away from the chaser. Although you can only use sprint as much as your stamina allows you. There’ll be a stamina bar, and you can sprint till it runs out. To sprint press LSHIFT or LCTRL


You have a special ability as Frogge, you can jump higher than normal players can. You cannot camp near already knocked-down players, or they’ll be revived and frogge will be slowed for six seconds. Even if other players revive a knocked-down player, you will be slowed.

game visuals

Frogge game visuals img
Frogge game visuals img
Frogge game visuals img

Can you survive 3 minutes against a witch’s cursed, homicidal, frog doll from 1692? Frogge is the latest and greatest survival hide-and-seek game on Roblox!

If you love chasing random people and knocking them with a weapon in scary attire then this game is for you.
Click here to get free codes.
Also, check out other Roblox games wiki at

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