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Autake Plains All Stormstones Locations in Genshin Impact Chise Ghost Puzzle

Autake Plains All Electroculus Locations genshin impact

Autake Plains All Stormstones Locations in Genshin Impact revealed. This guide will help you to find all the locations of Stormstones. in genshin impact. You can read the article until the end to see all the hidden Stormstone in Autake Plains.

Stormstones are stone carvings that can be lit using Electro so that you can make a simple path through the fog to guide you. They can be found all over the map in genshin impact, but this guide includes the location of all Storm Stones in Autake Plains.

Autake Plains All Stormstones Locations on Map

There are so many Stormstones in Autake Plains that you can easily find using the map given below. These Stormstone are easy to locate on the map. So you can see the map shown below to find all the Autake plains easily.

Autake Plains All Stormstone Locations on Map

We have also added a video below that can help you find the Stormstones easily. The video is highly detailed and impressive. By watching the video below, you can easily find all the Stormstone located in Autake Plains.

Thanks to WoW Quests for this guide to find all stormstones

Thanks for reading the article. I hope we were able to help you find all the Stormstones locations in autake plains. I hope you all have a nice day.

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