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Genshin Impact: How to do First-Class Service Bartender Challenge

The latest update in Genshin Impact is bringing a lot of attention towards the game which was released in 2020. Many players are returning and many are trying out the game due to its update.

The latest version of the game allows you to become a bartender and participate in various bartender challenges which test your knowledge and reward you if you manage to win. These challenges are not very difficult but players may get stuck if they do not know what they have to serve when reading the orders.

So we bring you this guide to help you complete one such challenge called First-Class Service Bartender Challenge in Genshin Impact.

First-Class Service Bartender Challenge

This challenge is not one of the hardest bartender challenges out there but still can be really frustrating as customers do not exactly state what they want to have instead they will give you a brief description and you would have to make your own additions to the existing drink according to their demand. Some of the common orders are –

  • “Some kind of fizzier coffee” – Serve Foamy Reef as in
  • “Coffee that has some impact to it” – In this case too you need to serve Foamy Reef.If they ask for “Extra Fizz” you need to add +1 Fizzy water.
  • “The purest juice you’ve got”– Serve the Gray Valley Sunset as in and in case the customer asks for “Extra-strong” then add +2 juice
  • “Sweet Milk Tea”– You need to serve Love Poem as in . If they say “Extra Sweet” add +1 Caramel and add +1 Caramel, +1 Milk if they say they want it with “Extra Caramel and Milk”
  • “Coffee with some extra milk”– In this case just serve Night of Swirling Stars as in.
  • “Smooth fruit juice”– Here you have to serve Sweet Cider Lake as in.

Hope this guide helped you get through the First Class Bartender Challenge and get cool rewards for the same in the latest version of Genshin Impact.

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