Genshin Impact Raiden Shogun build guide: Artifacts, Weapons, and more

Genshin Impact Raiden Shogun

Genshin Impact developed and published by Chinese game house miHoYo is an action role-playing game. This game is available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Android, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 5, iOS.

This game features the region Teyvat which is a vast world teeming with life and flowing with elemental energy. Genshin Impact 2.1 just released on September 1,2021, featuring new characters, The Inazuma Archon Quest’s final act, two new five-star weapons and more.

You and your sibling arrived here from another world. Separated by an unknown god, stripped of your powers, and cast into a deep slumber, you now awake to a world very different from when you first arrived.

Raiden Shogun

Raiden Shogun is a 5-star character in Genshin Impact that uses Electro Polearm. She is the vessel of Baal, the Electro Archon of Inazuma. Raiden Shogun has long braided hair that goes behind her back and a hairpin on her right side.

Her Excellency, the Almighty Narukami Ogosho, who promised the people of Inazuma an unchanging Eternity. She is a SS tier character. The character role that she plays is of Support and DPS. Here DPS stands for Damage Per Second.

Her Elemental Skill deals damage every 0.9 seconds, and it increases the team’s Elemental Burst damage. Her Elemental skill also acts as a supportive ability as it can regenerate energy of teammates.

Best Weapons For Raiden Shogun

The Ultimate weapon available for Raiden Shogun is the Engulfing Lightning. It has an increased attack and energy recharge. After using the Elemental Burst you can gain 30% of energy recharge.

The other substitutes for the weapon are Skyward Spine, The Catch, Primordial Jade Winged-Spear, Favonius Lance. You can use these weapons as alternatives until you get the Engulfing Lightning.

Weapon Details
Engulfing LightningAttack increased by 28% of Energy Recharge over the base 100%. You can gain a maximum bonus of 80% ATK. Gain 30% Energy Recharge for 12s after using an Elemental Burst.
Skyward SpineIncreases CRIT Rate by 8% and increases Normal ATK SPD by 12%. Additionally, Normal and Charged Attacks hits on opponents have a 50% chance to trigger a vacuum blade that deals 40% of ATK as DMG in a small AoE. This effect can occur no more than once every 2s.
The CatchIncreases Elemental Burst DMG by 16% and Elemental Burst CRIT Rate by 6%
Primordial Jade Winged-SpearOn hit, increases ATK by 3.2% for 6s. Max 7 stacks. This effect can only occur once every 0.3s. While in possession of the maximum possible stacks, DMG dealt is increased by 12%.
Favonius LanceCRIT Hits have a 60% chance to generate a small amount of Elemental Particles, which will regenerate 6 Energy for the Character. Can only occur once every 12s.

Best Artifacts For Raiden Shogun

The best artifacts available for Raiden Shogun is the 4-piece set of Emblem of Severed Fate. You can practically say that it is made for the Electro Archon. Other set is not recommended for Raiden Shogun but here are the alternative.

First one is 4pc Thundersoother, Second one is 2pc Noblesse Oblige + 2pc Thundering Fury, Third one is 2pc Noblesse Oblige + 2pc Gladiator’s Finale, Last one is 2pc Noblesse Oblige + 2 pc Shimenawa’s Reminiscence.

Emblem of Severed Fate2-Piece Set
Energy Recharge + 20%
4-Piece Set(Recommended)
Increases Elemental Burst DMG by 25% of Energy Recharge. A maximum of 75% bonus DMG can be obtained in this way.
Thundering Fury2-Piece Set
Electro DMG +15%
Noblesse Oblige2-Piece Set
Elemental Burst DMG +20%

Best Artifacts Stats

Choosing the weapon for Raiden Shogun is totally up to the player and the config they prefer. Artifact main stat and its impact totally depends on the type of equipment you use for the Raiden Shogun.

For players who are using energy recharge weapons like Engulfing Lightning, Skyward Spine, or The Catch. Then their main stat configuration looks like this :

AttackAttackCritical Rate or Damage
Energy RechargeAttackCritical Rate or Damage
AttackElectroCritical Rate or Damage
Energy RechargeElectroCritical Rate or Damage

For Players who are not using energy recharge weapon substat, then their main stat configuration looks like this :

Energy RechargeElectroCritical Rate or Damage
Energy RechargeAttackCritical Rate or Damage
AttackAttackCritical Rate or Damage
AttackElectroCritical Rate or Damage

Raiden Shogun Team Comp

Raiden provides a stable Elemental Burst Energy which one combined by other players can be a powerful composition. Regarding the composition here are the best Team Comp for Raiden Shogun.

First Composition : Raiden Shogun(Sub DPS), Eula(Damage), Diona(heal), Kazuha(support).

Second Composition : Raiden Shogun(Sub DPS), Eula(Damage), Yoimiya(Pyro DPS), Xingqiu(Support)

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