My Way Challenge $1 million Lifetime Casino Earning BitLife

bitlife my way challenge

BitLife is a realism-based text-based life simulator that allows you to live a different existence. Interactive story games have been around for quite some time. This is the first text-based life simulator, however, that truly integrates and replicates adult life.

You can choose from a variety of lives and jobs, and you can become renowned in any of them. This is the world’s most well-known text-based life simulator. You can also do different crimes and hire a lawyer also.

In this guide, we will tell you how you can acquire or get $1 million in Lifetime casino earnings in Bitlife and complete my way challenge easily just by following the steps mentioned below one by one.

Complete My Way Challenge : Acquire get $1 million in Lifetime casino earnings in BitLife

Acquiring a 1 million dollar in bitlife in super easy if you know how to do it. Just applying some basic deduction skills and betting the money in right order will get you easy wins and will help you earn huge money.

  1. Go to activities and then open casino.
  2. Choose the first option by clicking on it.
  3. Bet $1 million and start bet.
  4. Start dealing with them and look carefully at the cards.
  5. Choose carefully between Hit Me and I’ll stand.
  6. You can win $1 million easily by applying simple rules of the game.

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