How To Get 8 New Weapons AC Valhalla DLC Dawn of Ragnarök

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla has received new downloadable content from Ubisoft. This new DLC is called Dawn of Ragnarök. In this new expansion, players will get new abilities and play as the Norse god, Odin. Besides the new map, enemies, and storyline, Dawn of Ragnarök also has eight brand new weapons which the player can find.

How to get Thorgrim’s Dying Breath.

Thorgrim’s Dying Breath can be found in a village called Gapihus. This village is half-submerged in water. Locate the two biggest buildings in the village and dive between them. As you go deep underwater you will notice an open window of a sunken building. Go through this window and go to the attic of the building. You will find a key in the attic called Gufathorp Key. Go outside the house and re-enter it from the window on the left side. Go to the basement to find the chest containing Thorgrim’s Dying Breath.

dying breath

How to get Fiery Warsong.

To get the Fiery Warsong you will first have to collect three broken blade pieces. These blade pieces can be collected by defeating three bosses called Sinmara’s Chosen. After collecting all the three-blade pieces go to a blacksmith to smelt the Fiery Warsong.

fiery warsong

How to get Muspel Spark.

As you progress through the main storyline you will get this weapon automatically by completing a certain quest. This quest is unlocked later in the game.

muspel spark

How to get The Impaler.

Similar to the previous weapon this weapon is automatically unlocked as you progress through the main questline. This particular weapon can be unlocked early in the game while completing the main quests.

the impaler

How to get Calder’s Fury.

This weapon can be automatically obtained by completing the quest called “Blazing a Trail”.

calder s fury

How to get Jotnar Cleaver.

To get this secret weapon you will first have to equip all the Jotnar equipment and armor. After equipping all the Jotnar armor equipment, travel to Midalstifla dam. You will have to walk through a portal and defeat the boss called “Riekr”. You will get the Jotnar Cleaver after defeating Riekr.

jotnar cleaver

How to get Legacy of Ivaldi.

To get this weapon got to Hreidmar Palace. Kill one of the Muspel warriors in this area and grab the Muspelheim. After getting the power, locate the dwarven entrance with the pool of lava in front of it. Activate the power to wade through the pool of lava and pick up the Hreidmar Palace Chest Key. The chest containing the Legacy of Ivaldi can be found on the main platform in Hreidmar Palace.

legacy of ivaldi

How to get Fenrir’s Incisor.

This weapon can be found in Vangrinn. Locate the tree in front of the building and teleport to it. Face the building with the open window in front of the tree. Teleport inside the window of the building. Inside the building smash the ice wall to get Fenrir’s Incisor.

fenrir s incisor

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