Elden Ring: How to get all 3 Lighting abilities Early Game

In the open-world fantasy RPG game, Elden Ring you can equip your character with different abilities and spells. Since most of the main bosses in Elden Ring are hard to defeat by conventional means these abilities help a lot in combat.

There is a specific category of ability in Elden Ring called Lightning abilities. To unlock these abilities you have to follow a few steps.

How to get all Lightning abilities in Elden Ring.

To get all lightning abilities in Elden Ring you will first have to travel to “Liurnia of the Lakes”. There is a location called the “Artist’s Shack” in this region. If you roam around this location you will spot a knight clad in bronze armor carrying a big shield.

Liurna of the Lakes
Liurnia of the Lakes.
The Knight
The Knight with the Dragon Cult Prayerbook.

Killing this knight will drop the “Dragon Cult Prayerbook”. Pick up this book and head to the “Roundtable Hold”. There is a prophet called “Brother Corhyn” inside the “Roundtable Hold”. This prophet will accept the book and sell you all three lightning abilities.

Dragon Cult Prayerbook
Dragon Cult Prayerbook.
Brother Corhyn
Brother Corhyn in Roundtable Hold.

The three lightning abilities are: Lightning Spear, Honed Bolt, and Electrify Armament. Lightning Spear costs 6000 runes. Honed Bolt and Electrify Armamnet cost 7000 and 4000 respectively. Buy these spells and head to a “Site of Lost Grace” to memorize these spells.

Lightning Spear 1
Lightning abilities sold by Brother Corhyn.

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