How to Get the Best Atgeir in AC Valhalla DOR Fiery Warsong


The latest DLC of Assasins creed Valhalla called Dawn of Ragnarok was released on Thursday, March 10th with a huge amount of content for the players to experience. The DLC was met with mostly positive reception from fans at release and is a good addition to the base game which was already huge.

Many players were wondering about what new loot will they get to explore in the new DLC and they were not disappointed as Dawn of Ragnarok features a huge amount of loot exclusive to the DLC owners. The DLC also features one of the best Atgeir called Fiery Warsong, this Atgeir is something you cannot afford to miss. Keeping this in mind we bring you a guide telling you how you can get the Fiery Warsong Atgeir.

About Fiery Warsong

Fiery Warsong is one of the best if not the best Atgeir that you can possess due to its unique abilities. The weapon gets set on fire if more than 3 enemies surround you and parrying also has a chance to create a small fire to burn your enemies.

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How to get it?

So in order to get the weapon, you would need to defeat Sinmara’s Chosen who will drop you parts that you can use to forge the weapon.

The first chosen is called Throttigr whom you will encounter in the Svaladal region. Throttigr will be found roaming around on the path in this region. You would have to defeat him in order to receive one part of the blade. Keep in mind that the difficulty of these fights would vary depending on your character level so if you are facing problems you can always come back at a higher level.

The next foe you’d have to defeat is called Rammr whom you will encounter in the  Gullnamar region. He should not give you any trouble as his move set is very basic but be sure you fight him alone and not with a bunch of guards. Once you defeat Rammr you will receive the next part of the blade.

The final Chosen that you have to defeat to get the last piece of the blade is Trawll who is found in the Vangrinn Region. Trawll is by far the hardest out of three and can be very annoying to face with his smoke screens, but once you get used to his move set you should be able to defeat him and get the final piece of the blade as the reward.

After getting all 3 parts of the blade go to the blacksmith and craft the Fiery Warsong.

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