How to Get Cresselia in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl (BDSP) is the latest Pokemon game, which is playable on Nintendo switch only, is a fun type of pokemon game, where you can get into battle, unlock various other Pokemon.

s, we already covered Drifloon pokemon in a previous post; we are now providing steps for getting Cresselia pokemons a legendary pokemon in BDSP.

About Cresselia Pokemon

Cresselia is one of the Legendary, Psychic-type Pokemon from Generation IV, with a swan look that has the ability to prevent nightmares and create sweat dreams.

It is very easy to obtain this Pokemon in the game, follow the steps below to get this pokemon straight to your inventory.

more details:

How to Get Cresselia Pokemon in BDSP

In order to get the Cresselia Pokemon, you need to first obtain the National Dex by beating the Elite four and each of the Sinnoh 151 Pokémon first.

Getting Cresselia is a little tricky, not that simple like the other Pokemon, but it can be done very quickly. You can get the Cresselia in the Sinnoh region, in the faithful generation IV remakes.

Also, you will be needed a Marking Map Pokétch app, which will allow you to track the Pokemon instantly, use this app to reach towards the Cresselia.

The Pokemon will go away from the battles and you have to catch him as soon as possible, using the Marking Map.

Cresselia location in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pear

  • Go to the Canalave City, Enter the house there
  • Speak to the sailor there, who brought players to Iron Island.
  • Go Inside the Home, talk with mother and child
  • Come outside,talk with sailor again he will tell you that
    Child is ill and needs a Lunar feather from Fullmoon Island.
  • After reaching the Fullmoon Island, you will encounter the Cresselia.
    which will fly immediately as you will reach there.
  • As Cresselia leaves, it will leave the Lunar Feather behind.
  • Go back to Canalave city, and Enter the home again and give the
    Lunar Feather to Lunar’s wife, which will cure his son.
  • Now Start finding the Cresselia in Sinnoh Region with Marking Map app.

How to Catch Cresselia Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl

Catching Cresselia is not an easy task for newbies, you need to learn some skills in PBDS and need to get a Marking Map from the President of Poketch in Jubilife City if you haven’t already.

  1. First get the Marking Map app
  2. Check the Route for the Cresselia in the app
  3. Now watch out the Cresselia, it moves when you reach there
  4. Get yourself at same route where the Cresselia spawns
  5. Enter and exit a Route repeatedly, or reach the border of two routers
    where you can catch her immediately.
  6. Catch the Cresselia, as soon as you encounter her.

Catching Cresselia can take some time, as it moves very quickly when you reach its location. So, if you are a newbie, make sure you learn it and try to follow it very carefully until you get it.

Also, there can be some problems while doing battle with cresselia, it will try to fly away, so the best way to catch her is to use the Master ball. also, players can damage the cresselia every time you see it and give more time to make her weak.

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