Roblox: How to Get Cyberpunk Wolf Hat Free (Prime Gaming)

roblox cyberpunk wolf skin

If you are a Roblox player, this post will be very much useful to you, Roblox is giving away the Cyberpunk wolf hat absolutely free with the help of Roblox Prime Gaming Rewards.

So, Roblox Players that have enrolled the Amazon Prime Memberships can get this skin without paying anything. But do not worry if you are not a Prime member, there is still a way to get this.

Roblox Prime Gaming Rewards

roblox prime gaming rewards

Prime Gaming is a platform for gamers where they can subscribe to receive free rewards in the games, like free games, in-game items, and skins.

We’ve known that Prime gaming provides you the chance to get free skins, but is this genuine? or how does it allow that to happen? It’s all possible thanks to Prime Gaming, a great platform for earning rewards.

You may get a lot of free games with Prime gaming. So, if you want, you can get a Prime gaming subscription and get free goodies. Click here for more information on Prime Gaming – Official Prime Gaming.

Roblox Cyperpunk Wolf Hat Skin

roblox cyberpunk wolf hat 1

The Cyberpunk Wolf hat is an amazing skin that you can redeem. The Skin looks very unique and cool at the same time. If you get this skin in Roblox, this will directly go into your avatar Editor of Roblox.

Open the Roblox website, Login with your account, and head over to the Avatar Editor page, in the recent tab you will see this Cyperpunk Wolf hat skin unlocked.

How to Claim Cyperpunk Wolf Hat Skin in Roblox for Free

To get the Roblox Free Skin through Prime Gaming, you must have a current Prime Gaming membership, so if you are already a member, you may get it right now.

If you are not a member, you can still obtain the skin by using the Prime gaming Trial Method, which gives you a 30-day trial but allows you to cancel before the month finishes to save money.

  1. Go to Prime Gaming Page or Roblox Prime Gaming Page directly.
  2. Login with your Prime Gaming Account
  3. Select Roblox game to proceed
  4. Scroll down to see the Cyberpunk Wolf Hat Skin
  5. Click on Claim now, then Claim Code
  6. You’ve got your claim code succesfully
  7. Now, go to Roblox Redeem page to redeem your code
  8. Paste the code there and Tap Redeem
  9. Done! Now Equip the item through “Avatar Editor”

That’s the end of it. You’ve successfully claimed your free Prime Gaming skin. You can always equip this skin in the Roblox through avatar editor easily, if you are new check Avatar Editor Help here.

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Nikhil Kumar

Nikhil Kumar is a Future Gaming site Professional writer who focus more on Game guides, Error Fixes, and some interesting How-to posts for needy ones. Detailed and Unique posts are always coming from me and written in easy language for better understanding.


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Đỗ Hữu Mạnh
Đỗ Hữu Mạnh
1 year ago

Nhưng mình vào trong trang Prime Gaming rồi mà nó không có mình nhận đồ ,nó cứ bắt mình phải mua cái gói gì để sử dụng miễn phí 7 ngày í !

Đỗ Hữu Mạnh
Đỗ Hữu Mạnh
1 year ago

Chắc là nó bắt mình mua xong cái gói sử dụng 7 ngày miễn phí đấy thì nó mới cho mình nhận đồ ! Mình không thích kiểu này 🙁

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