How To Get A Discarded Phalynx Core in WoW Shadowlands

world of warcraft discarded phalynx core

World Of Warcraft is an MMORPG that was released in 2004 by Blizzard Entertainment and it is among their most popular titles along with Overwatch and many others. WoW is one of the greatest MMOs in the history of Gaming and every new MMO that gets released is usually compared to this one. It has outlived most of the massively multiplayer online games out there.

With the release of the Shadowlands expansion in the game, a lot of new rare mobs came into existence in the new areas. Some of these mobs couldn’t be fought directly and needed a certain item to activate them first. One of these is Corrupted Clawgaurd which is available in the Bastion region. The mob requires players to put a Discarded Phalynx Core inside it for activation. This article will discuss the location of the mob and the item.

Discarded Phalynx Core Location.

As mentioned before, the new mob and the required item for the mob is found in the region called Bastion. When you are in the region, there is a sub-area called Hero’s Rest. Head over to the east side of this sub-area, specifically towards the (56.41, 46.08) coordinates.

discarded phalynx core
Cave in Hero’s Rest – Screenshot from WoW Quests

When you get to the location and look around, you will find the cave where you will see a Malfunctioning Clawgaurd. This mob isn’t aggressive by itself. Thankfully, the item required to activate this mob is nearer than you think.

Look around in the same cave and near the debris on the opposite side of the entrance, you will find a glowing item called Discarded Phalynx Core. Pick this item up and you can put it on the mob roaming in the cave to activate it. After doing this, the Clawgaurd will be aggressive and you’ll have to fight it off.

Discarded phalynx core
Discarded Phalynx Core – Screenshot from WoW Quests

The Clawgaurd is a rare mob that is a part of one of the achievements in the game as well. The achievement requires you to kill 29 rare mobs in the Bastion region. That is all for finding the location of Discarded Phalynx Core. Hope this article was helpful.

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