How to get Drifloon in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl

If you are Playing the Latest new Pokemon game, which is “Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, ” you need to have Pokemon unlocked in the game to compete in battles.

There are many Pokemons in the BDSP (Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl) that you can easily unlock and grab for future battles.

One of the Best, Unique Ghost/Flying-type Pokemon here is getting unlocked in Drifloon, which looks like a floating purple balloon.

About Drifloon Pokemon

Drifloon Pokemon is an Exclusive Pokemon in BDSP, of Ghost and Flying-type introduced in Generation IV, that comes under Sinnoh Dex Pokemon.

Unlocking this Pokemon is quite easy; you just need to follow simple steps to get this Pokemon without any issues.


How to Get Drifloon Pokemon in Game

To get Drifloon, you need to remember the place, time, and day for the Pokemon when it is available; you can’t catch this Pokemon randomly on any day of the week.

Make sure you are already done beating the first Gym Leader, Roark, in Oreburgh City before defeating the Team Galactic there.

Visit the Vally Windworks at the East of Floaroma town on Friday only after defeating the Team Galactic and seeing the Drifloon Pokemon.

  1. Visit the Valley Windworks on Friday.
  2. Reach the Valley Windworks between 10 AM and 7:59 PM.
  3. Walk and go near the Drifloon to start Capturing.

How to Get Drifblim in BDSP (Evolution of Drifloon)

Drifblim Pokemon is the evolved Pokemon from Drifloon, which you can get it quickly, just a simple process here; you need to level up Drifloon up to Level 28 will auto transform to Drifblim.

  1. Get Drifloon First
  2. Level it up (Playing Battles)
  3. Get Evolution to Drifblim

So, this is the only way to get the Drifblim by evolution from the Drifloon, so if you needed Drifblim pokemon first, you still need to get the Drifloon pokemon first.

Also, note that changing the time of the Nintendo switch will not work here, do not change it, or you will be locked out for 24 hours from events.

Make sure you defeat the Team Galactic before Friday, or you will have to wait till next Friday to get the drifloon to appear at the front of the building at Valley Windwork.

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