Sifu: How to get the Earth, Fire, Water, Wood, Metal Talisman

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Sifu is a martial-art-based fast-paced action game. This game will be released on 8th February and is developed by a French game studio called Sloclap.

To complete the game you have to fight your way through five-game levels and at the end of the fifth level, you will have to defeat the final boss, Yang. For perfectionists who like to get all achievements and trophies in a videogame, Sifu has a trophy mechanic.

The game has five talismans which represent five elements. The talismans are Earth, Fire, Water, Wood, and Metal. To learn how to get all the five talismans in Sifu, read further.

How to get the Metal Talisman in Sifu.

Sifu 20220204174111
Jinfeng in Sifu.

To collect the talismans you will have to beat the game once. After beating the game character will receive an end-credit message about being merciful.

To get the metal talisman you will have to fight the female boss, Jinfeng again. Fight Jinfeng using the combat strategy you used before. The only difference this time is when the game shows the takedown prompt does not finish her off.

Let her recover and fill up her meter and beat her again into submission. After doing that you will receive another takedown prompt. Press the button to spare her. Doing this will get you the Metal talisman.

How to get the Water Talisman in Sifu.

sifu 0000 Layer 62 770x433 1
Kuroki is Sifu.

Finish the game once and return to fight Kuroki for the second time. Defeating Kuroki will get you the water talisman.

Beat her into submission without lowering her health. When the game tells you to kill her, do nothing. After she recovers and replenishes the structure meter, beat her again without lowering her health too much.

After you have beaten her into submission for the second time the game will show a prompt to show mercy. Accepting the prompt will give you the water talisman in Sifu.

How to get the Earth talisman in Sifu.

sifu yang
Yang in Sifu.

Finish the game and return to fight Yang. Defeating Yang will get you the Earth talisman.

Beat him into submission and let the second round of the fight started. Do not lower his health meter too much and let the structure meter replenish. After beating him with a replenished meter you will get a prompt to show mercy.

Showing mercy will start the third round of the fight which has no familiar game mechanics except the structure meter. Replenish the meter again and execute a takedown. This will give the character an Earth talisman.

How to get the Fire talisman in Sifu.

sifu sean
Sean in Sifu.

Finish the game and return to fight Sean. Defeating Sean will get you the Fire talisman.

Beat him into submission to start the second round of the fight. You have to beat him in the first round with a full structure meter. Do not kill him when the takedown prompt shows up.

Sean will get back up and start the second round again beat him with a replenished structure meter to get the mercy prompt. Showing mercy to Sean will earn you the Fire talisman.

How to get the Wood talisman in Sifu.

sifu fajar
Jafar in Sifu.

Return to fight Jafar after finishing the game. Beat Jafar into submission with his structure meter close to full. After doing that the game will show a prompt to takedown Jafar. Do not engage Jafar when the prompt shows up.

This will start the second round of the fight. Similar to the first round beat him again but let the structure meter replenish. Taking him down again will give you a prompt to show mercy. Accept that prompt to get the Wood talisman.

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