How to get Easy Loot in The Cycle: Frontier (Guide)

In The Cycle: Frontier, unlike traditional battle royales, you don’t drop into the game simultaneously with every other player and engage in combat until only one player is left standing. Instead, servers are active all day, allowing gamers to join, top off their tasks, and leave whenever they’re done.

Although The Cycle: Frontier can be challenging to master, there are a number of strategies that can offer you an advantage as you explore the Fortuna III.

Read on, and find everything you need to gain easy loot.

Currency in The Cycle: Frontier

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The game uses three different kinds of currency.

  • K-Marks

The standard in-game currency is called K-Marks, which stands for Krypto Marks. You can use K-Marks to make purchases from the many businesses on Prospect Station. K-Marks are mostly earned by completing quests and selling stuff.

  • Aurum

For insurance on gear salvage and cosmetic purchases, Aurum is the preferred currency. Microtransactions or the Aurum generator in your quarters can be used to slowly generate it over time.

  • Gear Salvage Tokens

As the first season of the game begins, players are able to get special tokens called Gear Salvage Tokens through the Battle Pass. You begin the game with 5 Tokens, and you can buy Gear Salvage Insurance with them instead of Aurum.

Loot System in The Cycle: Frontier

The game contains a number of spawn points on its maps, but these points have a timer. It’s crucial to know that the game’s loot system updates every in-game hour. If you loot a location, you will have to wait an entire hour for the same location’s stuff to respawn.


Additionally, items in a space only reappear when you depart. The loot won’t refresh if you stay still in the region that has been stolen.

It’s fairly conceivable for you to arrive at a location that has previously been looted by another player given that there are other people roaming the map. In such a situation, it is impossible to tell when a place has been plundered. Simply walk on and come back later to see if the location has respawned the items you’re seeking.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the loot system applies to quest-based things as well, so it doesn’t simply apply to weapons and other random items.

Best Areas to find Loot

There are looting zones for Tiers 1 to 4 on the Bright Sands map. There are numerous areas on the map where you can frequently discover loot from Tiers 1 and 2. The Basecamp, located in the heart of Bright Sands, is the greatest location for Tier 3 loot.


On this map, the area surrounding the Jungle in the top left corner is another location where Tier 3 loot can be discovered. Tier 4 objects are extremely uncommon, however, they can also be located in a few spots across the Jungle.

The most prevalent loot on the Crescent Falls map is Tier 3, which may be found all over the place. The top right corner and bottom left corners of the map are where you can find Tier 4 and Tier 5 loot because these are where they are most frequently found.

Ways to Produce Money Quickly

  • For the first few days, but all of your effort into finishing quests. If you concentrate on finishing quests on a regular basis, you can earn an incredible quantity of K-Marks. If you include them in your game strategy for a match, many of the tougher quests are actually quite simple to do.
  • Find the precious Blue Runner Eggs by following animal footprints. The footprint trails that surround each one go directly to the eggs themselves. This makes them quite simple to locate. While farming these Eggs isn’t the most effective way to make money, it is still worthwhile to follow the tracks if you come across them while on a quest so you may pick up the Egg and sell it back on Prospect Station.
  • Your K-Marks Generator can be upgraded. In addition to everything else you’re doing to get money, it’s always a good idea to have a little, regular flow of K-Marks that you can just collect without doing anything. The K-Marks Generator in your quarters is there to help with that. It’s really simple to unlock and upgrade, and it simply keeps giving you little amounts of K-Marks over time, which can add enough to make a noticeable difference.
  • Sell materials until you have just one stack of each left. It’s crucial to sell extra things in Faction stores. You gain a significant amount of extra K-Marks while also raising your Faction level.
  • During storms, upgrade data drives. By connecting the data drives to one of the map’s uplinks and uploading data onto them, they can be upgraded during matches. These drives increase in value as more data is downloaded.

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