How to get the Elpis Stone Pillar in Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy was released back in 2010 for Microsoft Windows. It is the 14th Main instalment in the Final Fantasy Franchise. Developed and Published by Square Enix, Final Fantasy is a series of JRPG Action games, with this game being the second MMORPG of the series.

With over 25 Million registered players, Final Fantasy XIV works on a subscription-based model, where the first month is free, and the rest is to be paid. $12.99 per month for an entry membership tier and $14.99 for a standard tier.

This article will discuss the method for getting the Elpis Stone Pillar in Final Fantasy XIV. For more content regarding game guides, tips and tutorials, visit our Guides Tab.

How to get Elpis Stone Pillar in Final Fantasy XIV

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The only way of getting the Elpis Stone Pillar is to trade it with Aisara. You need to have 50 Bicoloured Gemstones and hit Rank 3 in the Elpis Shared FATEs zone in order to be eligible for it. Aisara can be found at Anagnorisis at the following coordinates (X:24.4, Y:23.5).

In order to farm Bicoloured Gemstones, you will have to complete the Elpis FATEs until you reach Rank 3, and then there should be enough Gemstones for getting the Stone Pillar. You will have to complete a total of 67 FATEs in order to reach Rank 3, so make sure that transportation from one FATE to the other is not a problem for you. Unlock flying, or get a friend who can take you from a to b.

One drawback that this Pillar brings is that you cannot monetize it. You cannot trade the Elpis Stone Pillar with fellow players, or sell it on the Marketplace. You can however utilize a shared estate and keep one in your own inventory, via the housing menu.

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Source: Steam

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