How to Get and Evolve the Yellow Sign in Vampire Survivors


Vampire Survivors is a roguelike shoot-em-up video game in a gothic horror casual format and was released for PC on Steam on 20th October 2022. Developed and Published by an Indie Developer Luca Galante A.K.A poncle, Vampire Survivors is currently breaking records, and leaving behind titles such as Dead by Daylight, and Destiny 2.

In this time survival game, players shoot automatically and have to collect gems, gold, and items in order to upgrade their weapons and buy power-ups such as luck and armour. One such item is a relic called “Yellow Sign”.

It unlocks the passives such as Gold Ring, Silver Ring, Metaglio Left, and Metaglio Right. These passives will be available as stage pickups in all stages. You shouldn’t repeat the process of getting it, as its effects are permanent throughout the game.

In this article, we will discuss the method of getting and evolving the Yellow Sign in Vampire Survivors. For more such content regarding game guides, tutorials, and tips, visit our Guides Tab.

Source: Steam

How to Get and Evolve the Yellow Sign

Here are the steps for getting and evolving the Yellow Sign in Vampire Survivors:

  • Choose a non-secret character such as Antonio or Gennaro
  • Go to the Moongolow bonus stage and defeat the Moon Trinacria enemy
    • This must be done during the last 14 minutes and an eclipse must go on
  • After being teleported to the Holy Forbidden stage, reach the end of the corridor
    • If you cannot reach there, try again from the stage selection menu
  • Find and take the Yellow Sign at the end of the corridor
  • Make sure to hunt all the passive items after getting the Yellow Sign 
Source: Steam

The Yellow Sign cannot be evolved as it is not a weapon. It can be used to evolve the Clock Lancet into the Infinite Corridor, and the Laurel into the Crimson Shroud. Without the Yellow Sign, these weapons cannot be fully upgraded.

Source: Steam

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