How To Get Fiber In Disney Dreamlight Valley

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Players in Disney Dreamlight Valley can make Fiber out of seaweed. Her first Friendship Quest will include repairing a damaged boat on Dazzle Beach once they have brought Moana to the Village. A few things, especially 50 Softwood, 70 Fiber, and 3 Pink Hydrangeas, must be gathered for her by players.

Gathering the necessary flowers and softwood should be simple, but this tutorial will delve into specifics on where to find Moana’s fibre in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to find and craft fibre:

How to find seaweed

You can obtain Fiber once the crafting station has been unlocked. You would need to obtain a resource from which you could create fibre because fibre is a refined resource. Seaweed can be used to make fibre. Seaweed is freely accessible in any body of water, even ponds. However, there is a way to obtain seaweed because ponds are where you will typically catch fish.

You must cast a line far from the white, blue, or golden circles in order to catch seaweed. Even though you still have a chance of catching a random fish, this method will give you the most probability of obtaining seaweed.

How to Make the Fiber? Once players have some seaweed in their possession, they should head over to the nearby crafting station. Once you interact with it, the Fiber formula ought to show up in the Refined Material tab. Players can get five pieces of Fiber for every piece of seaweed. Players must therefore obtain at least 14 seaweed in order to collect 70 Fibers for Moana.

How to make fiber in Disney Dreamlight Valley

It’s vital to remember that any seaweed you find on the floor will not regenerate later or even the next day (as of the time of writing). Therefore, after collecting these relatively few components, you’ll have to rely on luck by fishing in the game.

I should also highlight that players can gather softwood in the Plaza and the Peaceful Meadow. Additionally, look along at Dazzle Beach for the Pink Hydrangeas.

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