How to Get Flurry Belt in Roblox (Roliday Rumble Event) 2021

There are lots of free gifts and rewards you can get from a Roblox event. It’s better to get most of the benefits from these events in order to get free items without paying anything.

There is an event going on which is the Roliday Rumble Event 2021, which is giving its users a unique free item for enhancing their Roblox character. Follow the post to get a free roliday rumble reward.

Roliday Rumble 2021 Free Items

The new Item which Roblox has released in the roliday rumble event for free is the Flurry Belt which looks unique and cool and can be easily used with any costume.

When you just join the Roliday Rumble Event for the first time, you will get your first reward which is the Ice Brain. The Other one is a Flurry belt which is a waist accessory that you can get by completing the whole event from scratch

Flurry Belt (waist)

How to Get Flurry Belt for free in Roblox Roliday Rumble 2021

To get this Item free in the Roblox, you have to follow these simple steps, this can be a little difficult for you if you are just a beginner. you need to just get in the combat with the robots and must defeat the final boss to get this flurry belt as a reward.

You can use the controls below, to dash and kick, which will help you to defeat every robot easily by dodging them.

Dash - Left Shift 
Slam Kick - Jump + Attack
Slide Kick - Dash + Attack
  1. Start the Event game first Royal Rumble 2021
  2. Complete the storyline by choosing approriate answers
  3. Now, you can just go Solo or you can invite your frirnds (4 players).
  4. Go into the Solo/multiplayer door there
  5. You will Enter the first room
  6. Defeat every robot in the room to proceed
  7. Make sure to refill your health, power and speed inbetween
  8. Follow the same for every room until you reach the final room
  9. Defeat the final boss to get the Reward.

That was all about the free Item in Roblox roliday rumble; you will get the desired Item after following all the steps, without missing any steps. You can go to your inventory and check the claimed Item there.

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