How to get Free Kudosh in Two Point Campus (Best Ways)

Two Point Campus is a university simulator game which has followed the lead of its predecessor Two Point Hospital. It is made by Two Point Studios and is a popular game in the simulation genre of games.

Now let’s talk about Two Point Campus Kudosh. Kudosh is a currency in Two Point Campus which is used to buy furniture and decorations permanently for your University campus. This furniture and decorations are important as they make your campus look more beautiful and level it up. A beautiful campus attracts more students and faculty members alike.

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So Kudosh is of great importance in the game but unlike money, in the game, Kudosh cannot be earned easily. It’s earned in small quantities and it is not that convenient as earning money, here are all the ways it can be earned:

Career Goals

Career goals are a set of long-term targets or tasks which can be found in the career hub. These are the biggest ways to earn Kudosh, These tasks are based on completing simple tasks in great numbers. The minimum amount of Kudosh awarded is 50 and it increases as you achieve larger milestones.


Bookworms appear in Two Point Campus for a concise amount of time. They pop out on your campus and you get rewarded if you tap on them before they go back into their burrows. Bookworms have a small chance to drop kudosh when you get them before they vanish. It’s not a massive amount (5 Kudosh) but it’s something and something’s better than nothing for sure.

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Random Objectives

The game sometimes tasks you with completing random objectives like suggestion boxes, rebuffing intruders or inspections. Completing them awards you with small quantities of Kudosh (5-10 for each task).

Earning Stars and Star Ratings

Stars can be earned when you upgrade your campus with better features and quality. You spend Kudosh partly to make stars but when you reach a star you get a huge amount of Kudosh (100-250+) depending on your campus. So the amount spent feels like repaid or close enough to repay.

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Research Projects

If you have built and set up a research room and have met the right conditions, it will allow you to start research projects that earn you Kudosh. This method is guaranteed to earn you Kudosh but it is a very slow process and it requires a teacher always working on the project. The Kudosh earned is usually 25 but it may increase or decrease depending on the projects you select to research.

End of Year Awards

The End of Year Awards awards you with Kudosh (10 Kudosh) for every award you win. The awards feature the likes of the best teacher of the year and hosting most clubs. If you’re a good player and have invested time in the game in building your campus, the end-of-the-year awards can be a jackpot of Kudosh for you.

These were the ways by which you can earn Kudosh at Two Point Campus.

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