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How to Get Free League of Legends Skins [9 EASY WAYS] 2022

League of Legends, commonly known as League or LoL, is a 5v5 Player-vs-Player strategy-based game where the main goal is to destroy the other team’s base. It was developed and published in 2009 by Riot Games.

The game witnessed a phenomenal amount of popularity ever since and continues to grow even now. Recently, a League of Legends based series called “Arcane” shot up the popularity of the game significantly. Fighting off minions, killing enemies and destroying bases is cool, but it’s even better when you do it in style.

Unlock Free League of Legends Skins

League of Legends has one of the biggest cosmetics markets in the Gaming Industry. With over 1200 skins for champions in the game, we have all wondered how to get a free League of Legends skin. Here are 9 legit ways to do that:

Hextech Chests

Hextech Chests are one of the most basic yet the best ways to get a free league of legends skin. Players can get one free Hextech Chest every week by playing a game with a Champion already unlocked by the player and getting a rating of S- or higher.

A champion can only be used to obtain a chest in this way once every season. So, players will have to use different champions and get a great game with all of them.

In-Game Events

Just like every other progressive game, Riot hosts multiple in-game events in League of Legends every season. While a lot of the event currency is locked behind a paywall, players can get a decent amount of currency and skin shards by completing various tasks and quests even as a free-to-play.

These events usually see a launch of event pass which can be progressed for skin shards. Riot is planning an overhaul for League’s mythic content later in the year as well.

Honor level Rewards

Toxicity and negativity is one of the key problems in League. To battle against this, there is an honor reward system in the game to promote positivity.

At the start of each season, a player is reset to honor level 2 (unless they had a lower honor than that) and progressing through the honor and reaching honor 5 gives players a chance to unlock exclusive Medieval Twitch or Grey Warwick skins.

Rank Rewards

The easiest way to unlock a free skin in League of Legends is by playing the game a lot. Every season, players who place in Gold rank or higher, receive a free Victorious skin.

There are various different rewards for placing in different ranks, but if you place Gold or higher, you’re guaranteed a free Victorious skin.

Prime Gaming Rewards

Amazon Prime and League of Legends join together to provide free rewards to players every month. To avail of this, a player needs to have a Twitch Prime account.

This account can be connected with an Amazon Prime account on the Prime Gaming website to avail of free rewards including free skin, RP and XP boost every month.

Waterloo Miss Fortune skin

To get this skin in League of Legends, players will need to create a new account. New players get a few level rewards but along with these, there is a reward for the first seven games that count as the first game of the day according to the system timezone.

The seventh reward in this gives players a choice between 500 Orange Essence or a Waterloo Miss Fortune skin.

Official Giveaways

Riot sometimes hosts official giveaways for free skins. This can happen if they achieve a certain milestone or of they’re just feeling generous. Players should follow their social media and keep a look out for that. League of Legends partners are also given access to free codes to giveaway every few patches.


Gemstones are one of the ways to unlock a Hextech skin. 10 Gemstones can be used to unlock one Hextech skin. Although, gemstones are one of rare commodities for a free-to-play player.

There is a 3.6% of getting a purple Gemstone when you open a Hextech box. After reaching level 150, you can also get one gemstone at every 50 levels.

Triumphant Ryze

This is one of the trickiest skins to get, but it is technically free. Triumphant Ryze is awarded to players that are a member of the winning team in any of the League of Legends tournament sponsored by riot.

And there you have it, 9 legitimate ways to unlock free skins in League of Legends. Get out there and win the games in style with your new free skins!

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