How to get Goose Goose Duck Hidden Rare Achievements

How to get Goose Goose Duck Hidden Rare Achievements

Goose Goose Duck is a social deduction game in which you and your fellow geese must cooperate to fulfill your task. Keep a lookout for the nefarious Mallards and other birds who have infiltrated your team and will stop at nothing to prevent you from succeeding.

In this goose goose duck guide, we will talk about how you can easily unlock the rarest achievement in the game. This rarest achievement is “Written Out of the Script” and with simple tips and tricks you can complete this achievement easily.

Features of the Game

This game is somewhat similar to Among Us. You start on the ship and you have to find the imposter goose. The main features embedded in this goose goose duck game is:

Hidden Achievement Complete

In order to complete this achievement, you need to follow this series of steps. Keep in mind that this achievement is the rarest one so completing it in one go is not an easy task. You may have to repeat this sequence of steps several times.

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