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How To Get Heavy Mining Tool in The Cycle Frontier

Heavy Mining Tool is one of the most effective automatic Mining tools within the Cycle Frontier to extract Minerals on the Alien’s planet. You’ll simply get this tool and use it within the game.

In this guide, we tend to share a way to Get the heavy Mining Tool and far additional information regarding the tools. Thus, be with us until the end to know everything in detail.


Heavy Mining Tool is another pickaxe to mining the minerals within the Cycle Frontier. this can be a typical automatic mining tool designed by Korolev to simply extraction of Minerals from Fortuna III. You’ll be able to purchase the tool from Korolev in 600 K-Marks otherwise you can spawn from the commercial Crate.

How can we locate the heavy mining tool?

To get a heavy mining tool, you may get to complete the “Final Touches” mission. this can be a quest by the Korolev that may require you to deliver a Titan Ore, cables, and resin guns. As a souvenir, you may get a heavy mining tool, four Korolev scrip, and 11,000 Krypto Marks.
You can additionally purchase the tool from the Korolev marketplace for 600KMarks. However, to do that, you are bound to be a level 5 player at the terribly least. You’ll be able to additionally merely get the tool through the subsequent methodology albeit you haven’t done the mission in any respect.

First, seek for the drop underground at the East point purpose on Bright Sands. You will mainly start doing so as part of the quest called “Stash a heavy Mining Tool within the Deep Underground Elevator Dead Drop” mission.

  • You will largely notice this tool in industrial crates on the map within the parking lot.
  • Enter from the southern side of the lot
  • Now, go up the slope from here
  • Take a right at once from here
  • Keep going straight and to the all-time low of the slope from here
  • Take a direct left into the building
  • And now, go down the steps
  • Remember to be conscious of alternative players as this can be a really well-liked spot.
  • Now, head straight to the top of the corridor and take a right
  • Keep going until the top of this corridor
  • You should see the doorway from the opposite side that’s lined with lazers
  • Climb down using the slope on your immediate right
  • Head straight ahead, past the crates
  • You should currently see a reactor on a platform
  • Climb up and check the yellow box on this drop site
  • The heavy mining tool is kept in this box. Click on the tool and drag it into your inventory. Make certain to click on Deposit to confirm that it’s in your inventory.

This is however you’ll be able to easily get the heavy mining tool within the Cycle Frontier.

Is the heavy mining tool worth the hype?

Based on what most players are expressing, this tool to be honest isn’t worthwhile. It’s significant and makes a great deal of noise within the field. This may cause you to get a great deal of attention from different players and additional.

While it’s the pros of not excessively consuming your stamina and being fast, it’s outweighed by the remainder of the cons. This can be what makes it seldom a decent tool to use within the game as you’ll lose quite more than you gain. However, you’ll be able to forever get the tool for free of charge so sell it with a major markup within the game.

This was your detailed guide on a way to get a heavy mining tool within the Cycle Frontier. Be sure to let us know if it was helpful to you anyhow.

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