How to Get Klossette x Reverse Polarity Backpack


Karlie Kloss, a well-known supermodel, collaborated with game developers to create five pop-up stores that will be accessible from July 12 through July 25 on the popular online gaming platform Roblox Fashion Famous.

Each shop offers players six free unlocked goods in addition to the ability to buy virtual apparel items.

How to Get Reverse_Polarity Backpack in Roblox Klossette Showcase Event

Go to the back display of the Reverse Polarity showroom to purchase the Klossette x Reverse Polarity Backpack.

When prompted if you wish to join an ongoing game, choose “No” to enter the game, then proceed through the portal in the lobby. You must select “Try On” after clicking on at least one item in the back display.

You can get the Klossette x Reverse Polarity Backpack and the in-game badge after trying on an item.


Here’s the link to view the item.

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