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How to get Lansseax’s Glaive Elden Ring (Red Lightning Sword Spell)

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Elden Ring is coming out to be one of the best games of our generation and many the reasons for such positive reception are many but one of the coolest aspects of the game is undoubtedly its loot.

The world is filled with distinct loot that the players can get their hands on be it spells, weapons or items. With Elden Ring being an open-world game having such rich loot helps encourage players to explore and find out new things. One of the most visually impressive spells in the game, Lansseax’s Glave Spell allows you to clear out a number of enemies with a single sweep of the sword.

How to get Lansseax’s Glave in Elden Ring

Here is a guide on how you can find the Red Lightning Sword Spell)

  • Site of Grace – You need to travel to Rampart Side site of grace which you should be able to access after defeating the 3rd major boss of the game.
  • Path to dragon – From the site of grace you should ride your horse towards the big glowing tree till you start seeing the castle. Once you get close to the castle Ancient Dragon Lansseax will appear.
  • Defeat the boss – You would need to defeat the drragon in order to get the Lansseax’s Glave which is the red lightning sword spell. The fight is very basic and not really tough so you should face no problems.
  • Put stats in Faith – You require an insane no of stats in Faith in order to wield this spell so make sure you pump those numbers up before trying to use the Lansseax’s Glave.
  • Rebirth – If you have not put stats in faith and want to use this spell quick, you can use the rebirth feature of the game to reroll your stats. This is great for players stuck with a build they dont want.

Hope this guide helped you get the Red Lightning Sword Spell and demolish your foes in style in Elden Ring. You can also watch the video given above for a better explaination.

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