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How To Get Luminus On Elyon Completely Free

Elyon is an online massively multiplayer role-playing game created by Krafton and distributed by Kakao Games, earlier called Ascent: Infinite Realm. These game features various clans which you can choose when you play it.

The game’s focus has been on dynamic warfare between two Realms, Vulpin and Ontari, with players employing a variety of skill combinations based on the game’s non-targeting mechanism.

About Luminus

Luminus are summonable entities with battle advantages. There are presently 11 different varieties of Luminus (Constellations). A Luminus can choose from six different Attribute colors, each of which defines which attribute one of their buffs will improve.

Luminus are graded from 1 to 5, and you can fuse numerous Luminus together to get the next grade on your “primary” one, with a 100% possibility of getting any grade (guaranteed upgrade).

There’s a 5% chance that your Luminus will become “Blessed” throughout the fusing process. When compared to their non-Blessed counterparts, Blessed Luminus will deliver a larger benefit multiplier.

Altar, Arrow, Compass, Corona Borealis, Crux, Dragon, Eagle, Hydra, Lynx, Lyra, and Shield are the 11 Constellations. Luminus can have up to six different hues, each of which corresponds to one of their Rune Attributes.

How to get Luminus Weekly

In this guide we will talk about how you can get these 7 weekly luminus for free just by playing the game with no time wasted. Follow the below steps to the weekly luminus and earn different rewards.

Getting Victorious Medal of Honor

Victorious Medal Of Honor

In order to get this medal you have to win in the Hall Of Honor.

  • Below the map you will see an icon with shield and sword and when you drag your cursor over there it will spell Hall Of Honor. Click on it.
  • The Hall Of Honor features: Training Field, Battlefield, Arena.
  • When choosing the mode, look for the reward on the right side and make sure it gives the Victorious Medal Of Honor.
  • Burning Temple is favored, or you can go with other 3v3 fights. Since match making may give you high-level enemies and allies, you can easily get the medal even if any of your teammate wins the battle for you.
  • Just keep trying, and you will completely get the required medals.

Exchange Victorious Medal Of Honor

Curious Luminus Box
  • Open your inventory and then find the medal.
  • Right-click on the medal, which will take you to the market/store.
  • In the store you will find a Curious Luminus Box.
  • This box costs around 3 medals. So you will need 21 medals to collect all of these boxes in one week.

Opening the Luminus Box

  • Once you have bought the Curious Luminus Box, head back over to your inventory.
  • Find the purchases item in your item and open it.
  • You will get reward based on the class you are playing.
  • These rewards will help you boost your character’s level and performance.
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