How To Get Perfect Aimbot Crosshair Placement In Valorant

Valorant released in June 2020 has become the hottest competitive game in the e-sports industry. This first-person shooter was developed by Riot Games and didn’t cost money to play. This is the reason Valorant draws thousands of gamers every day and has become a staple in the competitive shooter category.

Valorant is famous for its complex aiming, shooting characteristics, and different classes or “agents.” Each agent has a unique ability that the player can use to give them an edge in the match. The 15 agents in the game are special and have their flair. The agents are Astra, Breach, Brimstone, Cypher, Jett, Killjoy, Omen, Phoenix, Raze, Reyna, Sage, Skye, Sova, Viper, and Yoru.

Winning matches in Valorant requires skill and also depends on your playstyle and crosshair placement. To learn the tricks to perfect crosshair placement, follow this guide.

How to get perfect Crosshair placement in Valorant?

These are some common terminology that comes when you are playing the game and helps in developing a mind-muscle connection that will help you learn and dominate enemies easily.


Gamesense in Valorant basically means the player’s ability to adapt to the surroundings and environment of a particular map. To cultivate a good game sense, you need to learn how to align your crosshair reticle to your opponents’ location in the map you’re playing in.

You have to be aware of the nuances and differences between the maps. Learning how to line up your crosshair reticle when you are located in different elevations on the map is crucial.

To further improve your game sense, you will need to learn the approach angle of your opponents on the map. The position of ramps and objects in the map should be memorized by heart.

Understanding and predicting the behavior of the enemy when they are turning a corner is important. Enemies will crouch while turning a corner if they think you are approaching. This could spoil your aiming and approach angle. You will need to practice to defeat this enemy strategy.

Reaction Time.

The speed with which you aim at the enemy is called reaction time. After practicing, you will be able to develop your dexterity and speed. You have to adapt to the flow of the game since you won’t always be able to predict the approach angle of your enemy.

You have to adjust your crosshair reticle from a high level to a crouching level for a headshot. The consistency of your game sense and reaction time needs to be the same throughout the different areas of the map and the match.

Most players tend to forget the approach angle after moving on from a gunfight. This is what separates the professionals from the amateurs. The best way to practice consistency is by playing deathmatches

Professional tricks for perfect crosshair placement and more kills in Valorant.

Some of the professional Valorant champions have a few unique elements to playstyle. Imitating these tricks will help you get more kills and better crosshair placement in Valorant.

Sporadical Movement

A few professionals prefer moving sporadically in a gunfight rather than maintaining a consistent approach pattern. Specifically, they jump around and crouch while spraying gunfire at their enemies.

Constantly moving and jumping makes it difficult for the enemy to shoot you. This type of game style can be difficult to adjust to, but with practice, you will be able to master the sporadic movements.

Running & Gunning

Swiftly moving near to an enemy, spraying gunfire, and escaping is called running & gunning. This strategy is most useful in close combat situations. Contrary to popular belief, this strategy is actually viable when it comes to confusing your enemy. This game style is best suited for weapons with a high rate of fire rather than handguns.

Spraying while Peeking/ Prefire Peek

Another strategy that professionals use is constantly peeking around a wall and spraying gunfire towards enemies. This way not only do you know the position of the enemy but you can easily catch them off guard.

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