How to get Pieta’s Sword in Lords of the Fallen 2023 (Guide)

In this article, we will talk about how you can easily obtain Peta’s Sword in Lords of the Fallen 2023 just by following the simple steps mentioned below. Do follow the guide and steps carefully as some steps are mandatory to get the sword.

Lords of the Fallen 2023 was released this year which is a reboot of the original Lords of the fallen following a new combat system and graphics. Though this seems to have poor performance and graphics people are loving this game and developing various tactics for beginners.

Peta’s Sword & Armor Guide (Item Location & Umbral Scourings)

Follow all the steps mentioned below which will help you get the item that is required to unlock the option to save the items you can get from the remembrance of the different bosses. Note that you need to defeat the boss also so that you can get his remembrance.


Step 1: Follow the storyline

In order to obtain Peta’s Sword we need to follow the game quests to proceed. This way you will reach the location eventually from where you can get Peta’s Sword. You won’t get lost in the game as this game offers a straight path to the sword if you follow the story.

Step 2: The Vestige of Blind Agatha

If you are following the game you will reach a relic called The Vestige of Blind Agatha. Once you wrap this vestige, it will take you to The Bell Room. From here follow the path mentioned below which is essential in order for us to proceed further.

Step 3: The Prerequisite

Take the crossroads on the left and then on the right turn at another fork in the path.

Step 4: The Parkour Puzzle

While following the path you will come across the puzzle which will require your parkour skills. There you will encounter a caster, so jump properly so that you won’t get hit or fall off the ledge. Follow this path.

Step 5: Encounter the Head Smasher

Once you complete the puzzle you will come across “The Head Smasher”. You have two options here either fight or run from the area. If you want to fight just try ranged combat and clear the area.

Step 6: Descend the Ladder

Now descend the ladder which will lead you to the umbral realm that is a parallel dimension. There you will find a ledge that does not exist in the normal realm.

Step 7: Obtain the Required Item (MUST HAVE)

In that realm, you will find a statue. Interact with the statue and its result you will get an item necessary for acquiring Peta’s Sword. Please note that you need to have this item.

Step 8: Return to Skyrest

Follow the instructions of the guide and go back to Skyrest. Once you reach an empty room, you will find a vendor in the umbral realm. Talk to the vendor and give him the item you got earlier.

Step 9: Acquire Peta’s Sword

After giving the item to the vendor, you can now save items that you get from boss remembrances. Now navigate to Peta’s section and purchase the sword which costs around 40 umbral scourings.

How to Obtain Umbral Scourings

Stay in the umbral world while fighting regular opponents to obtain umbral scourings. Your threat level will rise steadily, as shown by an eyeball icon in the upper right corner of the screen. When it reaches 3x, a new enemy will appear. Quickly defeat this foe for a chance to receive five umbral scourings. Rep to this procedure till you have accumulated enough.

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