Destiny 2: How To Unlock Revision Zero Pulse Rifle In (The Hidden Shape)

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Destiny 2 is a free-to-play online multiplayer game developed by Bungie. You play as a guardian who is tasked with saving the last safe city of Earth from invading alien races.

The game has had many seasons and quests, the latest one being season 19 which was released on 6th December, Season of the Seraph. Among the many weapons, Season of the Seraph brings the new weapon Revision Zero which is an exotic Pulse Rifle.

Destiny 2 The Hidden Shape revision zero guide

In this guide, we will see the details of Exotix Quest “The Hidden Shape” and Revision Zero

Obtaining “THE hidden shape” Quest

The Season Of The Seraph has been active since December 6th. In the “More Than A Weapon” questline, you need to get to the quest step 23. In this step, you will be asked to go to Operation Seraph’s Shield and complete it. Eventually, you will have the option to speak to the stranger in the Holo-Projector. Now you can accept the mission “The Hidden Shape”, which on completion will reward you with the Revision Zero Rifle.

Revision Zero

Revision Zero is a special weapon that hands you distinctive abilities and perks like, the anti-barrier shot and sniper shots. Revision Zero’s Hunter’s Traceability is what it so much desired. Hunter’s Trace gets charged by landing hits on the targets and gathers data, which lets you fire a powered sniper shot once the bar gets filled. You can land have as many sniper shots as much data as you have, the upper limit is 3 though.

Shaping the revision zero

revision zero image destiny 2

There’s yet a lot more to do than just obtaining the weapon, you need to shape it. To do that you can either dismantle the one you already have or you can go to a lost sector and level up the weapon. Then you need to extract the Resonant Elements. Then you can go to Enclave on Mars and go to Shape. In the Pulse Rifles section, you will now also find Revision Zero. You can add more perks and catalysts to the weapon in the shape section.

That was it, now you have your Revision Zero ready to lay waste to some aliens. This season will last till around the end of February 2023. There’s more to come in the story next and you can keep revisiting for more Destiny guides.

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