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How to get Rivers Of Blood Katana in Elden Ring (Location Guide)

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There are a variety of weapons and armaments for your character in Elden Ring. Some weapons stand out from others because of their sheer power and unique design. One such weapon in Elden Ring that you get late in the game is called the “River of Blood” katana.

River of Blood Katana Stats

Apart from looking cool, the “River of Blood” katana has amazing statistics. This weapon is a slash/pierce type weapon and only weighs 6.5 in weight value. This weapon also has a critical strike rating of 100!

The passive effect of this katana causes blood loss buildup in enemies. To wield this blade your character will need to have strength and dexterity ratings of 12 and 18 respectively. The best attack you will be able to execute with this katana is the blood slash.

How to get River of Blood Katana?

You will need to head to “Giants Gravepost” in the Forbidden Lands. After spawning in “Giants Gravepost” head forward until you see skeleton statues and giants roaming around and fighting each other.

Do not engage with these giants and keep moving forward. If you move forward you will come across a dilapidated stone church. In this area, you will be invaded by “Bloody Finger Okina”.

This enemy is extremely powerful and fast and you will need to keep your distance while fighting it. Summon spirit companions to help with the fight and use ranged attacks. Spells like “Comet Azure” will help a lot in the fight. Defeating this enemy will give you the “River of Blood” katana.

To reach the Forbidden Lands you will have to complete more than half of the main storyline quests. This will allow you to enter the Forbidden Lands and travel to the “Giants Gravespot”.

The general area of the “Giants Gravespot” location is filled with high-level enemies. You do not need to engage with these enemies and just rush past them using your spectral horse “Torrent”.

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1 year ago

i don’t get invade by okina

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