HOW TO GET Telekom 5G Jetpack & Electronic Beats Wings! (ROBLOX Beatland Event)

Roblox advertises itself as an ‘Imagination Platform’ that enables its users to develop or play countless 3D online games. it had been launched in 2007, and has sixty-four million players monthly, with an approximate total of 178 million accounts on the platform. it’s offered to transfer as an app on each android and Ios and is listed as 12+ with Parental guidance suggested. Users may play the video game on tablets, PC, Xbox One, or Amazon devices.

It is represented as a website created for gamers by gamers. the opposite main operation of the platform is socializing, users are inspired to create friends with different online players. the location permits users to “Imagine, socialize, chat, play, create, act and relate with others in many ways.” The Roblox Suite permits gamers to produce their own game or create another world with friends or ‘virtual explorers’.

What is the Beatland event?

Beatland is an event in Roblox for varied communities to take part in the music culture of different experiences.

The tasks when completed shall provide you with Jetpack and Electronic beats speakers wings and this guide gives you the complete details to acquire them in the shortest while. So read along to get information extensively.

How to get Telekom 5G Jetpack & Electronic Beats Wings in ROBLOX Beatland Event?

To acquire the items you need complete the tower obby and claim the item at the end. The last day to do so is until September 9, 2022. After you take the portal to Beatland, start your climb towards tower obby.

  • Keep climbing up the obstacle course and slowly make your way towards the upper echelons of the tower.
  • Try to time the obstacles and cross them. Patience is extremely important during these courses.
  • As you go higher, the obstacles will become a little more complex. Along with that few players will also try to push you down. Try to be beware of them also.
  • The portion with the blue treadmill is extremely complex. Maybe you will need some time and a few attempts to cross the area.
  • After that beware of the laser tunnel. Timing is crucial at this stage. So try to time your movements according to the switching-off of the red lasers.
  • The next big puzzle or obstacle will be the red-black minesweeper checkboard. The easiest solution to it is to step on the blocks which don’t light up. As all the other blocks light up if you keenly notice, you will see that the blocks which don’t light up are in a specific direction paving a definite way. Try to follow it.
  • The next part should be pretty easy. And as soon as you complete it, on top of the edge you will find the jetpack waiting for you to be picked up.

For the electronic beats wings, logging in continuously for 5 days will provide them to you.

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