Elden Ring: How to get the Best Shield in Early Game (Guide)

Elden Ring has several bosses who deal a lot of damage when they attack. You will need to be equipped with the best weapons and shields for defense. The world of Elden Ring has a lot of shields but some stand out from the rest.

How to get the best shield in the beginning of the game.

The best shield you can get your hands on early in the game is the “Great Turtle Shell”. This shield can be found on top of a high tower which can be accessed by the “wind elevators”.

Great Turtle Shell Location
Great Turtle Shell Location.

This shield will give your character a stamina regeneration boost and absorb all physical damages.

Great Turtle Shell
Great Turtle Shell.

How to get the best shield in mid to late game.

The most powerful shield in Elden Ring is the “Dragonclaw Shield”. This shield reduces physical attacks to almost zero. The elemental damages are reduced to 50%. Dragonclaw Shield also has a guard boost of 64.

Dragonclaw Shield
Dragonclaw Shield.

This shield can be found to the extreme north of the map in Auriza Hero’s Grave.

Dragonclaw Shield Location
Dragonclaw Shield Location.

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