How to Get the True and Alternate Ending in Sifu

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Sifu is a new take on the traditional beat-em-up action game formula, in Sifu players age with each death giving them access to different stats and abilities depending on their current age.

Since Sifu is just about to get released and the discovery of alternate endings is creating a lot of interest among the players, here’s our guide on how you can get the different endings in the game.

So heres how you can get the True Ending in Sifu

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  1. Beat the game regularly on your first playthrough – You cannot get the true ending your first time going through the game so complete the game once however you like and enjoy.
  2. Second Playthrough and sparing all the bosses – In your second playthrough you would have to go through the entire game again with the twist being that instead of killing the bosses you have to spare them. Sparing bosses is not really clear so heres how you do it.

    – Get the boss in their second phase.
    – Now you would have to break their structure noramlly but this time keep in mind not to finish them.
    – Break the structure of the bosses again. Now you will notice if you go to the bosses a dialogue prmpt will appear that will allow you to spare them.

  3. Spare Yang in the final battle – Once you decide to spare the last boss you will achieve the true ending of shifu which wraps up the story much better than the orignal ending.

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