How to Get Unlimited Studs In Lego Star Wars Skywalker Saga

Lego fans know that the only currency that is popular in their Star Wars games. These round, circular and shiny items are very easy to get in the game, but not in bulk. When it comes to Star Wars, we all have had long conversations with our friends and family, just talking about the franchise and how interesting all the movies and the games were.

Feel the legacy of star wars in the palm of your hands and play the iconic role of a Jedi and help him fight against the dark force. You will surely enjoy the game and the story it offers to the players.

What are Studs in Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga?

Studs are the in-game currency in Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga. This currency can be used to buy upgrades and new items. You can earn and collect studs in Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga by literally doing anything like building, destroying, killing, wandering, and even rebuilding the already built structure, by destroying it; you can earn studs.

The levels have many ways to get a lot of studs. The levels regenerate the studs after a restart of the level, which is also a good way to grind these studs. And you should also check every possible place in the level so that you do not miss any stray studs.

How to Earn Studs Fastly?

There is possibly one way to get a lot of studs, that is grinding. You have to grind a lot if you want a big amount of studs in your hands. But what we can do is share some ways which can make your grinding more efficient and easy. So let us see what are these ways?

Best Levels for Grinding?

  • Episode IV – A New Hope: Stay on Target
    This mission essentially has a shooting gallery, in which you have to fight and stay alive during the shooting fight with enemies in the trenches of Death Star. You just have to keep shooting and the game will take care of aiming. You have to destroy the small structures and buildings and importantly keep your ship alright through the whole mission.

Stud Attraction Upgrade

This ability allows you to attract the studs in the range and collect them. This skill will allow you to collect studs very easily and you do not have to dance in a single place round and round. This skill has three-level upgrades, which increase the range of your attractive force at each level. This will help you a lot in getting studs quickly.

Use Stud Multipliers

Stud Multipliers are the upgrades that multiply the number of studs you get, and these multipliers are the best to earn a lot of studs very easily. These multipliers can be unlocked at the Extras tab in the holoprojector menu. These stud multipliers are very costly and cost a lot of studs and data cards. But these multipliers are worth their cost. These multipliers will help you a lot in your grinding journey to become more and more efficient.

These three ways are the best ways to earn a lot of studs in the game. When you will grind, these upgrades and specific levels can make you a lot rich in the game. Hope you have got your answers. Go and collect your studs and have great fun.

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