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Ghostwire: Tokyo All Magatama Locations (Guide)

Ghostwire Tokyo introduces an item that is very useful for upgrading the player’s skills. These items are known as Magatama in the game. Magatama is obtained by completing Yokai hunts.

And these Yokai need to be unlocked by completing their corresponding side missions. Magatamas are 40 in number in the whole game and if you collect them all, a trophy is given to you by the game called it’s all thanks to Yokai.

These Magatama Yokai are a very special type of enemies and are not found roaming like visitors, at least until you unlock them. Killing those Yokai will reward you with Magatama. Magatama is very important to collect so that you can unlock some skills that need a specific amount of Magatama being collected.

All Magatamas and their locations

Zashiki-Warashi (3 Magatama)

When you complete a side mission related to the Namita shrine, you will unlock the Zashiki Warashi Yokai. To unlock Zashiki, you need to put Shio Senbei in a building at some specific places. You can use your spectral vision to detect the place in the building.

Karakasa-Kozo (3 Magatama)

When you have cleansed the Shiroyama Shrine, you will be introduced to Karakasa Kozo. Karakas Kozo will behave a little shy, in the beginning, so you have to follow it until he walks and sneak while he stops. Or he will be frightened by you and disappear and you have to do this all again.

Kappa (4 Magatama)

After completing the main mission named ” A Maze of Death“, you will unlock the side mission of Kappa. To summon Kappa, you may need a cucumber, so keep a check for it. You have to put those cucumbers on a pedestal to summon Kappa and hide behind some obstacle. Now you have to wait until Kappa comes and start eating those cucumbers, and don’t come in its sight before that. You should use your spectral vision to do not lose the position of Kappa.

Ittan-Momen (6 Magatama)

Ittan Momen’s mission will be unlocked after watching the whole city from a rooftop during the main mission “A Maze Of Death“. Ittan Momen will be summoned in the air, and you have to follow it until it stops. It will be flying at some height, therefore you should be at rooftops while following it. You may get the chance of your Magatama when it will stop.

Oni (3 Magatama)

Oni will be introduced to you in its mission, which will get unlocked after completion of the mission “Caves Of Steel“. To reach Oni, you have to feed some Kibi Dango, which is available at any convenience store. When you do this, the dog will guide you to a place where some visitors will try to kill the dog. Protect the dog and the dog will summon Oni for you.

Don’t let the dog die, or you have to do all this again.

Rokurokubi (3 Magatama)

After cleansing the Utagawa Shopping District Torii Gate, the Rokurokubi mission will get unlocked and this Yokai also wants to travel a lot. You have to follow it in the alleyways and on the buildings. Just keep following the Yokai and when you find a dead-end ahead, you have your chance.

Kodama (5 Magatama)

Kodama’s side mission also unlocks after cleansing the Utagawa Shopping District Torii Gate. For this mission, you have to defend Kodama from all the attacking visitors and don’t let it die. Once you have cleared all the enemies, you can get your Magatama.

Kamaitachi (6 Magatama)

When you complete the “Agony” main mission, after that you can unlock the Kamaitachi side mission. In this mission, Kamaitachi wants someone to chase it, so just keep an eye on the Yokai and keep moving behind it. When it will stop at a place, you can get your reward.

Nurikabe (4 Magatama)

Nurikabe is a Yokai that is not hidden somewhere and you do not have to complete some random wishes of the game to find them. You can easily find them during the following missions.

  1. Pillar of Light” Main Mission
  2. The Voice in the Wall” Side Mission
  3. Nesting Evil” Side Mission
  4. A Passage Beyond” Side Mission

They are mostly hidden in the walls and you can detect them with the help of your Spectral vision, so be ready for it.

Nekomata – 3 Magatama

In the Shibuya, you can buy these magatamas from the relic-hunting Nekomata. You just have to spend 130,000 Meika (the game’s currency) for each of them. Following are the name of the Nekomata and their location, so go and get them.

  1. Artsy Nekomata north of Yashin Shrine
  2. Nostalgic Nekomata at Hirokawa Shrine
  3. Archaeology Nekomata at Tatsui Shrine

So these are the locations of all the Magatamas. If we have missed something, so please ping us in the comments, and keep exploring and enjoying the game.

Sayonara, have a great day.

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