Ghostwire: Tokyo | Beginners Guide (Complete Tips and Tricks)

Ghostwire: Tokyo is an action-filled horror game, that basically resembles an idea of the zombie apocalypse or Resident evil’s vibe. But this game plays with the new kind of vibe of supernatural entities and looks in the modern era of Tokyo.

You will find many magical spells, supernatural skills, and many ghosts and enemies who are based on old ghost stories of local Japan. Story of Game says, A old psycho occultist did an occult and the whole city of Tokyo turned into a haunted city of unknown spirits, some evil and some may be good.

But before starting with the game, you may want to get a rough idea of the game and its important aspects, which can help you greatly going into the game. So let’s talk about it.

Beginner Guide for “Ghostwire: Tokyo”

Before playing any game, the fans of such games do not want to get to know a lot about the game, so that they can experience the real thrill and excitement. Therefore we will try to keep this guide very raw so that your experience won’t get spoiled.

Magic Spells

There may be many magic spells or attacks are present in the game, but few are very regularly used, and those are,

  1. Wind Weave – It is one of most popular spell in the game, because it has maximum ammo in the game. This is a kind of projectile attack. Regularly, it shoots one projectile, but if you charge the spell before shooting, it shoots two projectile, and it will be worth charging if there are more enemies for quick escape. Number of projectiles can be increased by upgrading spell.
  2. Water Weave – This spell is a short range attack. This creates a wiping wave, when shooted. Its length of wipe can also be increased.
  3. Fire Weave – This spell is the most expensive on the spell ammo. But it does worth it, and if charged, it shines as per its name and cost. When charged, shoots like a projectile bomb, and the area of effecto of blast can be increased.

Charging the Attacks

It is recommended that every possible attack you do, charge it before shooting. Because charging the attacks does not cost anything additional and increases the damage and other aspects as per attack type.

You can decrease the charging time of a spell in the skill upgrade menu. This will allow you to quickly charge the spell and shoot it.

Ether Deposits

Many objects you will find in the way, are flying and have a crystal-like look on the object. These objects are the deposits of the ether. And if you break them, they will provide you with spell resources and you will not feel bad to make the destruction these objects. By the use of a spectral scan of the nearby area, you can find these objects.

Blocking enemy’s attacks

Blocking an attack is also a very important skill to master. Especially the timing of the block also matters a lot in the game. If you block before the attack and get hit by the enemy, you will get damage, but if you block the attack, exactly at the time you are getting damaged, then you can block the whole damage.

Destroying cores

If you want to complete a fight soon with the side ghosts and enemies, you must destroy their cores. And destroying their cores will ensure that they are not going to come again to fight with you.

When you give some hits to enemies, their shining core becomes visible and it is your chance to destroy them. And the speed of destroying cores and the time for which the cores remain exposed can be increased by updating two skills in the upgrade menu known as Fudo and Kukurihime.

Catching Ghosts and Trading with Cat Vendors

At many places in the game, you will find many spirits and you can catch them with the help of some item in the game and submit them at phone booths and earn something with the help of those spirits. You have a limit of catching those spirits so be upgraded so that you can have a satisfying number.

With the help of spirits, you can get on the top of buildings, by spotting some of them gliding over the buildings and grappling them with the grapple spell. And this can help you spectate over the city from a good view height.

And also there are some vendors in the game, with whom you can trade the essential things you may need. You will find them at many stages and yes some of them you will find in between the game sites, where you can complete their tasks and earn some currency.

Limited items

Bow – It is a good weapon that helps you to take down your enemies before triggering the fight. This helps a lot because the number of enemies has been decreased. But, like every other good thing, it is also limited in the game. You have a finite number of its ammo at a time. You can increase its speed and ammo capacity in the upgrade menu.

Talisman – Talismans are mysterious objects. Different talismans have different effects and use. They are very helpful if you know how to use them, but eventually, they are also limited in the whole game. So use them wisely.


You should collect food where you will find it. It helps you to regenerate as well as increases your overall health stats. It provides you with many other temporary benefits too.

Elemental statues and Prayer beads

These two things you will find in various stages, praying elemental idols will enhance corresponding element spells and prayer beads help you to become stronger which are found in the shrines at many places.


Hope you have got a good idea about Ghostwire: Tokyo game. It is an elegant game with a horrific surprise. Action-loving people will love it and if you like mysterious things, then you should give it a try to this game.

Have a great gaming day. See you soon in a new blog.

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