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Ghostwire: Tokyo | 9 Best Skills to Buy in Early Game (Guide)

Ghostwire Tokyo is a very thrilling and exciting game with horror and supernatural touch. The players will be very fascinated by its look and style of playing.

The action scenes and situations created by the developer, are very eyecatching with the modern Tokyo. Magnificent places, different enemies which are originated from Folklores, and a survival story with some action, fill the hearts of players with enthusiasm.

But before starting the game, if you know about some basic aspects of the game, you can be free from hectic or stuckness, you can feel in the game.

Best and Important skills to Unlock First in Ghostwire Tokyo

Skills are one of the major aspects of the game and the player needs to understand that which abilities are needed most and should focus on such skills in the early game. This preference may vary from player to player as per playing style, but these are the very basic sorting of skills are needed for every playing style.

Perfect Block (Tatenui)

Unlocking Tatenui grants you the ability to perfectly block the attack from the visitors. And if you upgrade this skill to a level too, you can easily generate ether by perfectly blocking the attack. This also staggers the visitor who is attacking for some time.

Ether Shakedown (Hakkei)

Hakkei is the skill that you can use to generate ether by attacking the visitors by striking them with palm. On the low side of the skill, it has a lower range, that’s why you have to be close to the visitor or the skill will not affect. On upgrading the skill, you can increase the amount of ether that is generated.

Spectral Vision (Omoigane)

This is one of the most recommended skills on the skill trees and there is a reason behind it. This skill can reveal the position of visitors, spirits, hidden items, consumable items, etc., which are coming in its range. Its range can be increased by upgrading it.

Core Exposure (Fudo)

Whenever you hit an enemy to an extent, their core becomes visible and the time for which it will remain exposed is very crucial in intense fights.

Fudo is a skill that works to increase its time interval. You have to upgrade Fudo to level 2, which will allow your attacks to keep the cores of enemies exposed for a longer time. And believe it, that this skill is must go through the game easily.

Core Grab (Kukurihime)

This skill again is related to the cores of visitors. This skill helps the player to quickly destroy the cores of the enemies. You can upgrade this skill so that the time is reduced to its minimum.

This skill can help you again in intense fights, where you can easily and quickly destroy the exposed cores without taking unwanted damage from other visitors.

Consumables (Daikoku)

Some players may have to need more items to carry but due to lack of space, they can’t. And it becomes crucially for the people who are not so good at playing the game like dodging and blocking.

Because they need more healing. So Daikoku will allow you to increase the carrying capacity of the player so that the need for necessary items can be fulfilled easily.

Charge Attacks (Takehaya)

Playing with ethereal weaving is the attractive charm of the game. But the players need to understand that the game can give more than just regular ethereal weavings, i.e. charging the attacks.

If you unlock Takehaya and upgrade it, this will reduce the time taken to charge the attack and you can charge the attacks which can allow the players to give more damage in the same spell ammo.

Wind Charge Attacks (Shinatsuhiko)

As I said charging the attacks gives more power to the player, upgrading the Shinatsuhiko allows the player to shoot more projectiles of wind charge at once and give more damage to the enemy. This can be very useful while fighting with multiple enemies, and you can not use a bow and arrow.

Faster Sneaking (Inubashiri)

This skill is for the players who like to take the stage easier by killing the enemies in stealth. Taking stealth kills to the enemy gives you some ether and the satisfaction of being an assassin.

But a the same time, when your game character moves at turtle’s speed, you may get annoyed before being satisfied. Therefore, you should go for the Inubashiri skill. This allows the game’s character to move a little faster while sneaking and gives you complete satisfaction.

These skills are good to go in the early game, but it depends on your playing style. How do you like to play games? But most of these skills are the very basic need of the game and belong to different skill trees of the game. So hang on with us in some other blog.

Hope you enjoyed the blog. If you did, do share your feedback. Have a great day.

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