How To Unlock Water Weaving in Ghostwire: Tokyo

With all the supernatural stories in the city of Tokyo, the Ghostwire: Tokyo game is just as interesting as the name depicts it to be. Ghostwire: Players are very well aware of the Ethereal powers that are given to them inside the game to use it as self-defense against the demons.

So one such Ethereal Weaving that is given is the water weaving power. If you are wondering how to unlock the Water Weaving in the game then you have come to the best place. Let’s get started. 

Have you completed chapter one – The Vanishing and City Of Shadows? If you have then kudos, now you have the chance to get into chapter Two of the game. In Chapter Two one would find a total of five different missions – KK, Cleaning The Frog, A Maze Of Death, The Buried Life, and The Caves Of Steel. 

So if you want to unlock the water weaving feature or power, then you must be in the mission – A Maze Of Death in Chapter two. As soon as you enter the mission, you would find yourself in the Construction Labyrinth.

Ghostwire: Tokyo Weaving Water Power

All you have to do is to defeat the female opponent. Well, this is not all that you would need to do. After killing the female opponent, you must remember to take care of the shrine. The water weaving is in your hands now after you cleanse it. 

It seems to be just as simple as it is written but make sure you use your best tactics to get the water weaving. Water weaving ethereal power has its advantages. Many would strive hard for it as it pulls down the enemy with heavy damage. Also, remember you would not be getting any loopholes before this chapter that would lead you to unlock the water weaving. Good luck! 

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