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Ghostwire Tokyo XP Farm: Easiest Way to Level UP (Guide)

ghostwire tokyo guide

Ghostwire Tokyo is a thrilling game, but as a gamer, everyone wants to better in the game easily and fast as they can. But some aspects of the game challenge the players, which is the reason a game is designed in a way to hook the gamers.

Today, we are gonna tell you some tips which will allow you to earn a lot of XP easily. Let’s get started with the tips.

Easy XP in Ghostwire Tokyo

There are two popular methods to earn easy XP in the game. And basically, both are interconnected or say the same, logically.

Absorbing Souls

In the whole game, you will find many lost spirits at many places, and collecting them is the easiest way to earn XP in the game. When you absorb the maximum amount of spirits, which you can, just go to a phone booth and exchange the spirits with XP and the game’s currency.

After a few times, you will also get the ability to scan the surrounding area i.e., spectral vision. Spectral vision can help you in locating the collectible spirits near you. You can also upgrade your Spectral vision’s scanning range.

By Rotten Trees

Sucking lost spirits can be easy, but still, it takes a lot of effort. But there is one more way to get spirits very easily. Rotten trees are the way, or I say the place where you will find a lot of spirits.

The Rotten Trees have two or three spirit clusters which may have 100 to 250 spirits in each. You just have to find those Rotten trees and take care of the guards around them. Scan the tree and find its core and just destroy it with help of Ethereal Weavings or Bow. Just do not go so close to the tree, because the surrounding may give damage you.

When you have done everything, your gift of a lot of XP in the form of spirits is ready. Just collect them and exchange them at a Phonebooth and enjoy your upgrades. To increase your efficiency for absorbing the spirits, you can upgrade Michkiri I and II skills.

That’s all from our side guys, I hope you got what you are seeking. These are two very popular ways to earn XP in the game.

Have a good gaming day. See you soon with another article. Stay tuned for more gaming updates.

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