How To Get Gingerbread FAST in Pet Simulator X Christmas!

Player Simulator x is based on Pets, the game’s primary character. Players must purchase and improve Pets in order to acquire money, chests, and a variety of other in-game collectibles.

The first half of Pet Simulator X’s Christmas update is now out, and it features a new currency, random presents, and plenty of new eggs to hatch, and pets to collect. Also, the second part of the game will be available on December 25th.

In this Guide, you will get the most possible ways to get most of the gingerbread in Pet simulator x, in an easy way, which you can follow and learn how to get them.

Gingerbread Guide in Pet Simulator X

To ensure that you can obtain all of the new pets, you’ll need to grind lots of in-game currencies, In the new Christmas Update, There is a total of four new eggs, which are very limited, you need to get them.

All Eggs in Pet Simulator X Christmas Update –

  • Jolly Egg – Regular 20k and Gold 180k
  • Gingerbread Egg – Regular 125k and Gold 1.12m
  • Christmas Tree Egg – Regular 400k and Gold 3.6m
  • Egg of Many Gifts – Regular 1.25m

The new Gingerbread currency will be used to purchase eggs. You will need a lot of Gingerbread for this. Gingerbread can be obtained in the same way as the other currencies. Simply collect any of the basic coins, boxes, presents, safes, or treasure chests.

Also to Get Gingerbread normally, you must start getting random drops and get them. Gingerbread is also available at Santa Paws Gifts. These will be random drops, so all you have to do is play to obtain them.

Every 15 to 30 minutes, there are also huge Gingerbread Chests that will spawn. While you’re playing, keep an eye out for them. Gingerbread will also be dropped by the new Festive Loot bags.

How to Get Gingerbread Fast in Pet Simulator X

You can follow these steps to get the Gingerbread fast in your game, which can be easily followed –

Triple Coins & Triple Damage

First, make sure you get your very Best Pets Equipped! Go to the Exclusive Shop by clicking on the star icon below. Now Turn on the Triple coins & Triple Damage and start collecting

Christmas Lootbags

There are Christmas loot bags, which are randomly spawned, so wait for it to spawn at any moment. After it spawned you can start collecting those loot bags which will give you a decent amount of Gingerbreads.

There are also some loot bags you can find, which will give you around 150k of gingerbread, but they don’t usually spawn most of the time.

Leaving the game AFK overnight

This method can be helpful if you are ready to leave the game overnight with some auto clicker, which will keep breaking the bigger chests for Christmas loot bags. By doing this you can get 500 Million gingerbread in an hour of time.

Or, if you cannot leave the game overnight, you can try to come back to the game every 30 minutes or an hour, a whole day, it will make the same benefit, which will reward you lot and lots of gingerbreads.

Friendship Bonus

This tip only works, if you have lots of friends who are playing this game with you or some randoms who are with you. You need to get a coin multiplier for this also.

So, invite your friends with you during the grinding, and get way more while breaking and collecting the loot, than you get the gingerbread normally.

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