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God of War PC: How to farm Hacksilver (Level UP Faster) 2022

If you are looking for the best way to farm Hacksilver in God of War PC, then this is the guide for you because we’ll tell you the best tips and tricks you need to farm money/hacksilver in God of War PC 2022. So without wasting your time, let’s get started.

We have created this specific Hacksilver Guide for God of War PC 2022 Edition. In this guide, We will explain the use of hacksilver guide and how you can farm it quickly to level up faster in the game.

What is Hacksilver in God of War PC?

Hacksilver in God of War PC is a currency that you can use to buy and upgrade items. You can use these Hacksilver at the blacksmith. You can use this in-game currency to craft, upgrade weapons and even buy a rare piece of equipment.

There are many ways you can spend Hacksilver in God of War PC. You can buy armours, craft equipment and many more. As you start exploring the World, you will find various ways to farm Hacksilver. Some of them are mentioned below.

How to Farm Hacksilver in God of War PC

Looting Enemies/Surroundings

Looting your enemies can help you get a lot of free Hacksilver as many people tend to ignore the fact that they have to loot enemies after killing them, So you always have to loot your enemies.

As you keep exploring the World, you will find a lot of Spots from where you can get free Hacksilver just laying around. For instance, you will find caves and ruins from where you can get about 1000 Hacksilver.

Increase your Luck

Keep in mind that Luck really matters in this game. You need to increase your Luck Stats in order to find a lot of quick Hacksilver in God of War PC. So to increase your Luck stats, you need to wear better armour and other enhancements.

Complete All Treasure Maps

Completing a treasure map is an essential and time-consuming task to do. You use many ways to find these maps to locate hacksilver in the game. You need to complete or decipher some clues to get to your loot.

To find these Treasure maps, you have to go to the menu then > Goals Menu. You will see a notepad. Use this notepad to locate these quests and rewads.

By completing these treasure maps, you will find a lot of enemies in your way as well, which is good because you can loot them to get more hacksilver.

Defeating a type of enemy for the first time

If you have defeated an enemy or a creature for the first time, you will get a lot of XP plus Hacksilver, which is interesting. The amount always weighs around 500-1000 Hacksilver which is relatively decent. Keep in mind that this will be only rewarded if you defeat this creature for the first time in your game.

Convert XP to Hacksilver

Converting XP to Hacksilver is another way of getting HackSilver, Kee in mind that the conversion ratio between these two is 1-1, which means if you are trying to trade in 5000XP, then you will get about 5000 Hacksilver.

Wooden Chests and Barrels

You might have come across some wooden chests and barrels in the game. At first, I thought that the barrels were just decorations, but when you destroy these barrels, you will get a lot of Hacksilver. The chests give you more significant rewards, while the barrels give you a reasonably decent amount of loot.

Find Gold in Lake of Nine

Ho into your boat and move around the lake of nine. You will see Atreus. Collect a lot of gold for you, which you can later convert into Hacksilver from shops. This one is relatively easy to do. You will also see some barrels. Just run your boat over them to get a few extra Hacksilver.

Sell Low Quality Items and equipments

You will find a lot of equipment and items in the game. I will suggest you collect each of the items so that you can, later on, sell these items for Hacksilver its a fairly decent way of farming Hacksilver, unlike other people who use God of War PC cheats to get unlimited Hacksilver which is pretty wrong if you ask me.

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