God Of War: Ragnarök All Yggdrasil Dew Detail Map Locations

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In the sequel to the critically-acclaimed reboot of the Sony Exclusive, God of War, God of War Ragnarök takes players on a journey through dangerous and stunning landscapes, with a variety of enemies for Kratos and his son, Atreus to face. In a bid to prevent the apocalyptic event, Ragnarök, Kratos must travel through the realms and overcome difficulties.

Released on 9th October 2022, It is the first cross-gen release in the series. God of War Ragnarök is an action-adventure video game developed by  Santa Monica Studio and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment for the PS4 and PS5.

In this article, we will discuss the Yggdrasil Dew Locations in God of War: Ragnarök. For more content regarding game guides, visit our Guides Tab.

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Source: Sony

GOW: Ragnarök All Yggdrasil Dew Locations

Make sure to follow the map and in-game locations to get to all of the Yggdrasil locations as soon as possible. You will get +2 for Runic, Cooldown, Defence, Vitality, Strength, and Luck after collecting dews from all these locations.

1. RUNIC +2 (svartalfheim)

Screenshot 210
Screenshot 209

2. COOLDOWN +2 (svartalfheim)

Screenshot 213
Screenshot 214

3. DEFENCE +2 (svartalfheim)

Screenshot 218
Screenshot 221

4. VITALITY +2 (svartalfheim)

In order to reach this location, you need to climb up the chains on the boat dock and unlock the location. This is a small step that will get you the dew of this location.

Screenshot 224
Screenshot 225

5. STRENGTH +2 (svartalfheim)

Screenshot 228
Screenshot 229

6. LUCK +2 (Vanaheim)

Screenshot 230
Screenshot 231

7. RUNIC +2 (Vanaheim)

Screenshot 234
Screenshot 235

8. cOOLDOWN +2 (Vanaheim)

Screenshot 237
Screenshot 239

9. DEFENCE +2 (Vanaheim)

Screenshot 242
Screenshot 243

10. STRENGTH +2 (Vanaheim)

Screenshot 246
Screenshot 247

11. VITALITY +2 (Vanaheim)

Screenshot 250
Screenshot 251

These were the map locations and in-game screenshots of all the Yggdrasil Dew Locations. Subscribe to our newsletter to keep yourself updated with topics related to gaming, tech, and more.

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