Gotham Knights: How To Find All 60 Batarangs Locations

Gotham Knights have 60 Batarang Locations. Discovery of all Gotham Knights Batarangs unlocks the Gotham Knights Batarang Amasser trophy and achievement. They are bat-shaped boomerangs with a blue glow. There are 12 Gotham Knights Batarangs in each region. There are 5 districts, containing 2-3 subdistricts each.

Nobody of the Batarangs is missable. You can still get all of them afterwards the story in free-roam. The entire map is open from the commencement so you can start collecting immediately. The collectable progress also carries over into New Game+.

Most of them start on top of buildings. But some can be on smaller lean-tos near the street level too.

All Gotham Knights Batarang Locations Guide

Gotham Knights Batarangs have concealed collectables found throughout Gotham City — implanted by Batman to help his proteges exercise parkour. You’ll find them hidden all ended the map. There are about 12~ Gotham Knights Batarangs in each major area. Check the maps and locations below to easily trace all of them and complete the Gotham Knights Batarang Retrieval test.

Rewards: For finding Gotham Knights Batarangs, you’ll unlock comic book concealments with information. There are 15 covers to answer.

  1. Located on the tall winch in the southeast of Dixon Docks.

2. Found on a rooftop central up the Waynetech Tower on the southern shore.

3. On the small wooden berth to the east of Ocran Chemicals.

4. Located central up the industrial tower to the south of Cobblepot Steel, on Lynton Avenue.

5. Hidden behind shipping ampules under the Gotham Bay Bridge, just east of Ocran Chemicals.

6. At S.T.A.R. Labs in the southwest of Southside. Found at the same top of the roof.

7. On the roof of the unidentified train depot in the northwest angle of Southside.

8. At the top of the Cobblepot Steel barbican in the centre of Southside. Located on one of the decorations at the top.

9. On the west superiority of the Cauldron, look at the roof of an abandoned construction under the raised train paths. Check just west of Gate 

10. Check the rooftop of the STAGG building. The building is situated in the southwest of The Cauldron. It isn’t named on the map, but you’ll see the protruding signs as you approach. Look at the sign on the highest building.

11. Found under Gate Street, on Saint Avenue. Check the rooftop of the structure with a “Big Belly” neon sign.

12. Situated on a water tower, on the roof of an abandoned building in the northwest corner of the area.

13. Situated on the roof of the Elliot Center hospital. Aspect on the north-faced side of the building. It is found on one of the trivial rooftops one step below the very top.

14. Found at the top of the Union Station Belltower. Don’t go inside — look at the top of the Union Station building itself. It is situated on the tower at the very top.

15. Look on the sky bridge related to two tall apartment buildings east of Quartz Labs, on Commerce Road.

16. Central up the Gotham City Shopping Center Tower, located east of the Elliot Center. It is situated amid the Elliot Center and the Belltower.

17. On the western rooftop of Quartz Labs. On the northern shoreline of the district.

18. On the clocktower of the Ferry Dock in the northwest crook of the district — to the northwest of the Iceberg Lounge.

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19. Situated at the top of the Gotham City Cathedral — it is located at the very upper of the tallest tower.

20. At the minor seaside booth north of the GCPD building. Find it at the highway level.

21. On the building just south of The Powers Club. Look on the inferior roof, on the west-facing side.

22. On the building rooftop just south of Gotham City Hall. Find it on a radio barbican.

23. At the top of the unidentified tower at the intersection of Logerquest Avenue and Finger Avenue, on the east edge of the region

24. Go to the small church on Bay Street, close to the Gotham Bay Bridge. The Batarang is on top of the tower.

25. Situated on the west side of Kane Industries, on one of the giant sloped tangible struts.

26. Found on the big light pole in the courtyard east of Kane Productions. It is on the south shore of the island, just west of the bond off-ramp.

27. On a stonework wall on the east cross of Fort Dumas, in the northeast crook of the island.

28. Jump onto the Statue of Justice’s extended arm in the southeast corner of Tricorner Island.

29. On the rooftop of the New Tricorner Shipyard, southeast of Kane Industries. It is at the base of the big radio tower.

30. Above the North Bowery symbol on the Robert Kane Memorial Bridge. It looks like this one is outside Tricorner, but it totals!

31. On the roof of the Gotham City Gazette, behindhand the giant neon sign.

32. Check the roof just south of the church on Storrow Street, to the east of the Gotham City Gazette structure.

33. Right in the centre of Gotham City General Hospital, on the uppermost rooftop.

34. Search the GCPD Major Crimes Unit complex. On the tallest building on the east side, there’s a Batarang behindhand the cages

35. At the Chelsea Tunnel entrance, check the construction rooftop to the south. The tunnel is on the western coast of the island.

36. Found on the construction to the north of the Chelseau Tunnel — an old raised boarded position for the train tracks.

37. Found on the train position rooftop, at the south side of Wayne Tower.

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38. On the side of the uncontrolled building just northeast of the Foxteca construction.

39. Check the top of the vast construction crane just off Gardner Street, in the centre of the area.

40. From the giant crane, go to the church just to the south. Appearance on the roof behind the high tower.

41. On a water tower, crosswise the street north of the Knightsdome Complex.

42. Above the Monarch Theater’s great sign. You’ll discover the theatre to the east of the Knightsdome Complex.

43. Go to the northeast crook and look on the ASKO building rooftop.

44. On another water tower, straight east of the Monarch Theater. It is observable from Cape Carmine.

45. At Cape Carmine, in the southeast superiority of the district, check behind the lighthouse. There’s a single pole you can wrestle onto.

47. On the roof of the “Deeply Fishy” restaurant, westward of the Robert Kane Memorial Bridge entrance.

48. North of the Knightsdome Complex, there’s a construction with a “Soder-Cola” sign on the side.

49. Near the south shore, there’s a small construction in the centre of Berger, Scituate and Croydon. Check the roof.

50. On the side of a structure off Exhibition Avenue, on the southern shore of the area.

51. At the curved structure rooftop on Hemlock Street and Bierce Avenue.

52. North of the earlier collectable, look at the tall building called Robbins Insurance Company. The Batarang is on the neon symbol at the top.

53. West of the large brick construction at the Gotham City Reservoir. Check nearby the giant pipes.

54. On the large brick structure at the east side of Gotham City Reservoir, off Reservoir Road.

55. Sitting on the southern rooftop of the Greenhouse in the southwest corner of the park.

56. On a water tower fair off Mercey Avenue.

57. In an alley just west of the earlier collectable.

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58. On the tall construction off Exhibition Avenue.

59. On the side of the construction in the northwest corner of Gotham City University.

60. At the curved building roof on Hemlock Street and Bierce Avenue.


You can keep track of which areas you completed by scrolling over them on the map. In the bottom right corner it demonstrates, the 4 collectable icons. If you create all of a type in that district, it gets a green checkmark. This way you know you got the whole thing. You can also keep track of them underneath Challenges > Collectibles.

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