Gotham Knights 2022: How To Install Mods & Use? Batman Mod?

Gotham Knights players can make the greatest of the characters they pick by improving their abilities and then unique movesets.

Each character in the game carries a variety of gameplay aspects that are unique to them. This allows players to take an additional diverse approach to combat and narrative, allowing them to do more than just occupy thugs in a fistfight.

As the story grows, you will be able to make your favourite characters more powerful by unlocking new weapons and armour or positioning mods into them.

The more you explore wide-ranging objectives, the more you will be able to get your hands on rarer mods in Gotham Knights, and once you get your hands on four, you will be able to anger them for a more powerful effect.

Enemies get knowingly harder the further you go into the game, so participating sometime in creating the flawless mod to fit your style of play is key in making happenstances much easier to deal with.

Today’s guide will go over how you can craft union mods in Gotham Knights and all the crafting formulas you need to be aware of.

In Game Mods Of Gotham Knights

Gotham Knights

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Crafting powerful fusion mods in Gotham Knights is no rocket knowledge, and you will be able to create them by manufacturing your way to the gear tab on the Batcomputer. You will need a decent amount of mods that can be acquired by completing tasks and defeating enemies.

The mod drops come with dissimilar levels of rarity in the game; these are:

  • Common: White
  • Uncommon: Green
  • Rare: Blue
  • Epic: Purple
  • Legendary: Yellow (gotten mission rewards only)
  • Heroic: Orange (mission prizes only)

The rarity of the mods orders the potency of the power and effect that you will be able to slot into the weaponry and armour of your characters.

More Mods of Gotham Knights

Listed below are all the formulas and ways that you will be able to fuse mods in Gotham Knights:

All four of the similar rarity: Next rarity up (Epic is the max)

Three of the identical rarity (except Common) + one of any lower rarity: Similar rarity as the majority of mods

  • Three Heroic mods + one of any other rarity: Epic mod
  • Two Heroic mods + two Rare mods: Epic mod
  • Two Heroic mods + two Common or Uncommon mods: Rare mod
  • One Heroic mod + three Rare mods: Rare mod
  • One Heroic mod + three Common or Uncommon mods: Uncommon mod
  • Common + Uncommon + Rare + Epic: Rare mod
  • Common + Common + Epic + Epic: Rare mod
  • Common + Common + Rare + Rare: Rare mod
  • Common + Common + Common + Uncommon: Uncommon mod
  • Common + Common + Common + Rare: Uncommon mod
  • Common + Common + Common + Epic: Uncommon mod
  • Common + Common + Uncommon + Uncommon: Uncommon mod
  • Common + Uncommon + Uncommon + Rare: Rare mod
  • Common + Common + Uncommon + Epic: Rare mod
  • Uncommon + Uncommon + Rare + Rare: Rare mod
  • Uncommon + Uncommon + Rare + Epic: Rare mod
  • Uncommon + Uncommon + Uncommon + Epic: Rare mod
  • Uncommon + Uncommon + Uncommon + Rare: Rare mod
  • Uncommon + Uncommon + Rare + Rare: Rare mod
  • Uncommon + Uncommon + Epic + Epic: Epic mod
  • Uncommon + Rare + Rare + Epic: Epic mod
  • Uncommon + Rare + Epic + Epic: Epic mod
  • Rare + Rare + Epic + Epic: Epic mod
  • Rare + Rare + Rare + Epic: Epic mod
  • Installation of Gotham Knights

The meekest way to get mods is to just play through the game. Accurately everything from main missions to side tasks to basic patrolling and completing achievements along the way can recompense you with mods in the game.

Players looking to maximize the effectiveness of mods in Gotham Knights should strive to get yellow and orange mods since they are the oddest and most powerful, nevertheless Blue mods are good too.

The best way to get the fewest mods is to search for Batman’s secret caches dispersed all around Gotham City. These torsos often hold some of the rarest mods in the game. Since you get a mod based on your level, doing this to be very successful out/fully levelled up is even better.

Finally, completing intentional crimes with high difficulty is another great way of getting mods in the game. While not guaranteed, such tasks at the highest level often end up dropping very occasional mods in Gotham Knights.

Is there a Batman Mod for Gotham Knights?

As of now there are no character mods developed by any modders or devs but soon you will find numerous mods as the modding community will not let batman die and he will reborn again. You can check nexus mods community and reddit for more updates.


you can go to the “Gears/Mods” menu, where your ensemble, melee, and ranged modchips will be recorded. Select the modchip you wish to install then a list of applicable gear will appear – just pick the tackle you wish and the modchip will be installed.

Modchips can be bare from the “Gears/Mods” menu, just select an equipped modchip and media the DualSense-ButtonSquare / Xbox-ButtonX button to unequip it.

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