GTA 5 Online Beginner Money Methods 2022 (Make Money Fast)

GTA V is a great success in the Grand Theft Auto series. The online mode of GTA V is also very popular among fans as the story mode is. In GTA V Online, there are many things you can do with your friends and some random people too. But being online mode, it has some rules and regulations.

So being a beginner in the GTA V Online mode can make you feel low, because what prices do you see in the game of such smaller items, and what your pocket carry are very very apart from each other? And doing some small missions give only a smaller amount than buying a nice car would be a dream for a beginner.

So here is a guide that will save you my beginner friends in GTA V online mode. You can become a very very rich person very very soon and maybe you just do not believe it? So hang on with this article and become a rich player in GTA V online.

Become “RICH” in GTA V Online for Beginners

These methods to get a lot of money in GTA V Online are not have any bugs or glitches, these are completely fair methods to earn money. So, don’t worry about your account.

To become rich in and to be rich in GTA V Online, Cayo Perico Heist is the best method to make a lot of money. Because you can do it solo. It’s not that tough to do and can be done multiple times. It is the most rewarding heist in the whole GTA V.

But to start this heist, you need to buy a Kosatka Submarine asap. And it roughly costs you 2.2 million dollars in the game and it may sound dreamish to a beginner. But stay tuned, we are also going to earn that.

1. With Some Account Logins and Setup

There are some ways to earn money.

  • Firstly you can earn half a million dollars even before opening the game.
    • You have to open your social club account.
    • Now go to settings and set up your 2 step verification.
    • This will not only protect your account but also bless you with half a million dollars in GTA V.
    • This reward is credited into your game within 72 hours.
  • Secondly, you can buy GTA V’s Premium Edition.
    • This is the cheapest edition you can buy.
    • This includes the Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack.
    • This starter pack provides you with many benefits, which include one million dollars too.
    • Yes, you heard it right, you will get one million dollars in fewer days after the purchase, in your game’s account.
    • Still, the Rockstar Games warn us that it can take a longer time, whether in most cases, it does not happen.

Now you have 1.5 dollars in your pocket but still, you need $ 700000 to have the unlimited money source.

2. With Some Missions

Still, you have to earn a lot of money, and now the time to get to work. So there are three missions and also there are small tributaries, which will provide you with a lot of money.

  1. Bounty Hunting: If you complete this mission you, will get 10,000 dollars (if you catch bounty alive), or 5000 dollars (if you kill them) for each bounty. The first one will be easy, just punch a few times and she will follow you. But others can attack you, so you can shoot on their legs and carry them.
    • Here you can earn 50,000 dollars at max.
    • And you will find a stone hatchet on the treasure chest location, which will appear after this mission.
  2. Los Santos Slasher: In this mission, you have to find and kill a maniac killer. You have to find 5 clues, whether, you can search for the clue locations on the internet. The last clue has varying 5 locations. So the last one will take time. After finding all clues, you will get the killer’s message. So go to the Blaine country, the northern part of the island, and just wait for the killer. It will spawn between 7 PM to 5 AM. Kill it and you will get a Navy revolver.
    • You will earn 5000 dollars for each clue and 50,000 dollars for killing the maniac.
  3. Double Action Revolver mission: For this, wait for the email from Vanderlinde. Then you have to look for all three clues and at the end, you will find the location of Double Action Revolver.

Now While you have earned, 125,000 dollars and some free weapons. Now you should complete the free weapon challenges and you will be blessed with more than enough money.

  1. Stone Hatchet: Kill 25 people with this and get 250,000 dollars.
  2. Navy Revolver: Kill 50 people with this and get 200,000 dollars.
  3. Double Action Revolver: Kill 50 people by a headshot with this weapon and get 250, 500 dollars.

You can do these challenges very easily. Just go to Menu > Online > Jobs > Play Jobs > Rockstar Created > Missions > Pier Pressure Mission. And now you can do the challenges easily because there are no police and do the challenges in the daytime because, at night, there were fewer NPCs.

And now you have a lot of money, so buy a Kasotka and now you can also have a Cayo Periko heist. For easiness, do the missions in invite-only mode.

Hope you guys enjoyed the game and the blog. Just be rich from the beginning and show it off to your friends. Have a great day. Sayonara.

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