GTA Online: How To Complete The Superyacht Life Missions

Very recently Rockstar Games has dropped yet another action-packed series called A Superyacht Life missions in its online weekly update which gives players 4X rewards on completion of each.

The Superyacht Life Missions are given by Cpt. Brendan Darcy is a series of quests in GTA Online. And in this article, we have talked about everything you need to know to get going and reach completion.

These missions can be accessed with “A Superyacht Life” from the Bridge of the Galaxy Super Yacht. From where they should be heading to the Captain’s Workstation towards the current mission available at the time.

Another way is to use your smartphone and give a call to Brendan and request a job from the dropdown menu. Whichever mission will be currently available in the series would be made accessible to you.

A complete list of all the superyacht missions in GTA Online

  1. Overboard
  2. Icebreaker
  3. Salvage
  4. Bon Voyage
  5. All Hands
SuperYacht 1

Overview to completion:

1) Overboard

Your best way is to get a jet ski to chase the thieves, smash them and salvage the documents back to the captain. While performing the task, players need to run to save their lives as they get surrounded by guards.

After grabbing hold of the documents, destroy all 10 enemy boats for the sake of revenge around the marina with the help of weapons in possession and set fire to the boats. After destroying all 10 boats, the player may lose the annoying “wanted level” and can return to the captain’s dockyard on completion!

2) Salvage

Head towards the south and jump dive in the water to scrap out seven sunken cargo scattered around a shipwreck. It will be easy to find as it will be noon and the water is very clear to see the submerged objects.

Then players have to eliminate the invading wankers who hijacked the ship while also taking care of the safety of others. Make sure to save the asses of the captain and bartender, who got kidnapped in the drama. The mission will be complete as soon as both of them get back safely to the yacht.

3) All Hands

These vehicles are owned by certain business dealer acquaintances, and in GTA Online, players must get to the site via an aerial firefighter plane they steal from the airport before they can flee before the security guards could find them.

After which the water tank of the plane needs to be refilled to extinguish the fire, which is also invaded by some attackers who make it troublesome to complete our work. After you manage to save the cars and the site, the captain instructs the player to bring the plane back to the yacht so that they can sell it for some good bucks, which would conclude this mission.

4) Icebreaker

After completing the previous missions, the captain has a two-stage plan in place to get revenge on the invaders. He will inform the players to head towards their warehouse and destroy the air-conditioning units to ruin some sensitive products, and the gang faces severe losses in the business.

Expect to be attacked from all sides during this task but you obviously have to make it through it all and survive. Only after destroying all the ten air-conditioning units, take away the finished product and sell it to the buyer. That should complete it!

5) Bon Voyage

Be ready for a challenge as this is one of the toughest missions of Super Yacht Life, which needs to be done only in the darkness of the night which raises the bar even higher. With some extremely unfavourable and worse conditions, the odds are definitely against some high tides and sea storms.

This will cause malfunctions in generators and engines of the yacht that stop working by the point you approach, and enemies just drop out of the dark skies and rise through from under the water. You have to take care of them and hold them down until the conditions are back to normal.

A Superyacht Life 2

To conclude, this is the perfect moment for gamers to enjoy a life of luxury in the expanse of the Pacific Ocean and make significant deposits into their bank accounts. While GTA 6 is nowhere in sight, Rockstar is still dropping significant, exciting & new updates every week. Check out our other articles pinned below for more newsletters on gaming and tech.

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