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Gunslinger Ultimate Beginner Guide Lost Ark (2022)

Lost Ark is a fantasy MMORPG game developed by Smilegate RPG. This game is soon going to become a free-to-play video game and is blowing up on platforms like Twitch and YouTube.

This game’s storyline is massive and offers a player a variety of character classes to choose from. Lost Ark has a total of 15 classes. The world of Arkesia in Lost Ark is vast and rich with quests and innumerable activities to complete.

For players who are not experienced with MMOs and RPGs, follow this article to get an idea about creating the Gunslinger character with a solid foundation.

Lost Ark Story

Kazeros, the most powerful enemy was defeated and buried beneath a volcano using the Ark. The Ark was divided into seven pieces and was spread around the world. The game takes place around the Age of Innovation when the lost God of Chaos Kazeros is about to emerge again as its prison, the volcano is about to erupt.

Kazeros and his army.

Gunslinger Starter Guide

  • Gunslinger, as the name suggests, is a ranged class in Lost Ark. The Gunslinger in Lost Ark is generally armed with three different types of ranged weapons, which you can swap and use to kill demons hordes.
  • These weapons are dual pistols, shotguns, and rifles.
  • These weapons can be swapped while in action by pressing Z or X.
  • These weapons have unique abilities, which are shown below the health bar of your character.

The Weapons Of Gunslinger

  • The rifle has eight abilities already present under the health bar.
  • Shotgun and dual pistols have four.
  • You can equip more abilities as you unlock them in your spellbook.
  • The characteristic feature of this class is the ability to use all capabilities of one weapon and then swap to the other weapons to use their abilities very swiftly.
  • The shotgun is used for up-close combat, mainly when you are being run over by enemies.
  • The dual pistol’s ability can be used in a variety of situations and have cool animations.
  • The rifle is the most important weapon of the Gunslinger class as it has the highest Damage Per Second.

Special Abilities Of Gunslinger

  • Each class in Lost Ark has special abilities called “Awakening.”
  • The Gunslinger has two main awakenings. The first one is “Predatory Gaze,” and the second one is “Bombard.”
  • You have to select the awakening you want to use by selecting it and putting it in your Awakening slot. Press V to use your awakening.
  • Predatory Gaze is basically a precision aimed shot that the Gunslinger makes after turning back and focusing on the enemy.
  • Bombard is a large explosive projectile that helps clear out enemy hordes.
Gunslinger in action.

The Different Types Of Engravings Of A Gunslinger

Every character and class can be equipped with engravings in Lost Ark. Similar to other RPGs; these are mods that can be equipped and have an effect on your character.

There are two kinds of engravings in Lost Ark. Combat engraving and Class engraving. Combat engravings are available to all classes and can be equipped via accessories. The Class engravings are unique to each class.

Gunslinger Engraving Stats.
  • The Gunslinger in Lost Ark has two main Class engravings.
  • The first one is “Hunting Time,” and the second one is “Peacekeeper.”
  • When the “Hunting Time” engraving effect is active, the Gunslingers cannot use their shotguns, but the critical strike chance of pistols and rifles is increased.
  • The first level of this engraving effect increases the critical strike chance by 20%.
  • The “Peacekeeper” engraving has a unique and complex effect.
  • The swapping of one weapon to another activates an effect.
  • The attack speed of Gunslinger is increased when they choose pistols.
  • Critical strike chance is increased when choosing a shotgun.
  • Choosing a rifle increases the damage by 10% and enemies who have health lower than 50% take additional damage equal to 10% of the base.

Movement Abilities Of Gunslinger

Different classes in Lost ark have different movement styles and abilities. The first one is the dash. The other one is the double dash. These movements help you get out of the way of danger when you are being overrun by enemies.

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