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Halo Infinite: Big Team Battle CTF Guide | Tips and Tricks

Halo Infinite has finally introduced a new Gamemode called Big Team Battle (12v12) mode. This mode features CTF, also known as Capture the Flag. CTF in Halo Infinite is very competitive as well as fun to play.

Halo Infinite also introduced a new map called fragmentation. This map is used for Big team battles because it’s a very clean and big map. This guide applies to all of the upcoming maps in Halo Infinite.

Many People were requesting us to make a Guide on the following Mode, So we decided to make a Big Team Battle CTF Guide. In this guide, we will teach you how to capture more flags and get more kills.

Everything you need to know about BTB CTF in Halo Infinite

CTF halo infinite guide tips and tricks

Big Team Battle (CTF) is a challenging and fun game mode, added in flight 2. The main objective of this game mode is pretty simple.

  • You have to capture the flag from enemy team and bring it back to your base to get the point.
  • There are weapons all over the map that you can pickup and use.
  • Special loot can be found in the Loot Cave, Where you can find special weapons like needler, Overshield and Gravity Hammer.
  • Protect your base flag from your enemies.
  • You cannot use weapons while holding a flag, You have to drop the flag to use your weapons again.
  • You also have vehicles in the game that you can use to move from one point to another.

This is a straightforward explanation of the new Big Team Battle Mode in Halo Infinite.

Capture the Flag in BTB and Deliever it Safely

ctf guide halo infinite tips

This is one of the essential elements of the game mode CTF. You have to move to the enemy base and capture their flag.

But when you have successfully captured the flag, you have to bring the flag to your base to get the points for that capture. Please note that While you have captured the flag, your location is revealed to all of the players in the game.

That makes it difficult to move the flag from one place to another because the enemy team won’t let you steal their flag that easily.

What is the best way to Capture the Flag in BTB?

CTF halo infinite guide tips

The best way to capture the flag in BTB is quite simple, The use of vehicles in the game. Vehicles in CTF play a Huge role in map fragmentation because the map is massive, and the distance between both bases is quite far.

So you need to use vehicles in the game with your friend driving or holding the flag. Please note that players can use launchers in the game to destroy your vehicle.

You can also Push the Flag using your vehicle in Halo Infinite, as shown in the video below.

How to drop the flag in Halo Infinite CTF

I have seen this question asked several times that how can you drop the flag at your base when you have captured the enemy flag. Let me tell you. It’s pretty simple to do.

To Drop the flag, you need to Press and Hold the Y button. If you have changed your controls, I will suggest you check them in your halo infinite settings.

Use Loot Caves for Better Loot

loot caves CTF halo infinite guide

Loot Cave, also known as Hex Vault, is an essential feature in the game. Loot Cave gives you a lot of high-tier loot weapons that can help you dominate other players.

Some of the weapons that we get from loot caves are mentioned below.

  • Grvaity Hammer
  • Overshield
  • Needler
  • and many other cool weapons.

Special Note: You need to hack into the Loot cave to open the doors. You can use your AI to hack into the loot caves. It takes a little time to hack the loot cave doors, so make sure your team is guarding you.

Thread Sensor

Thread Sensor CTF halo infinite guide

Utilizing your thread sensor properly in the game is necessary because it will give you a considerable advantage against the enemy team.

For instance, place your thread sensor near a loot cave, and when an enemy tries to come for the loot, you can see him on the map and kill him.


grappling CTF halo infinite guide

It would be best to use the grapple hook more often in CTF because it will give you an edge against your enemies. Many players in Halo Infinite are not using the Grapple Hook.

Grapple Hook is an excellent tool to move around the map quickly and efficiently. It will also help you get more kills and doge enemies bullets.

Man Canon

man canon halo infinite

Man Canon is an excellent way to move and boost yourself across the map. I have been using the man canon just for stealing the enemy flag and jumping directly near my base.

This will help you gain a lot of distance and lose enemies tails. Special tip: If you want to travel more distance using a man canon, you need to use your repulsor when moving in on the man canon. This will give you a considerable boost.

Defend Your Flag in CTF

defend your flag CTF halo infinite guide

Defending your flag is essential because the enemy team will win easily if you don’t protect your flag. I have seen many players go for the kills and not helping their teammates to defend or capture the flag.

If you are one of those players who play the game for kills, then play deathmatch or any other mode, but when you are playing CTF, you need to work as a team and defend your flag.

You can use Thread sensors near your base so that when the enemy is near your base to capture your flag, you can head towards there and kill him.

We will add more tips and tricks on how to get better in CTF. Until then, you can read our Guide on Halo Infinite infinite.

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