Halo Infinite: How to Win Stockpile Fast (Complete Guide)

halo infinite win stockpile easily

In this Guide, I will tell you how you can easily win stockpile in Halo Infinite. We will tell you the best way to pick up the power seed and bring it back safely to your base. Follow all the steps given below to win the stockpile in halo infinite easily.

What is Stockpile in Halo Infinite?

Stockpile is a simple game mode in Halo Infinite, which is almost similar to Capture the Flag. In this game mode, all you have to do is steal the seeds from the enemy base and bring them back to your base, which sounds pretty straightforward, but it’s not.

How to Win Stockpile in Halo Infinite Easily

The standard method is to pick up one seed and bring it back to the base, which is a prolonged process and takes a lot of time and effort. But the method we are going to tell you is pretty simple and efficient.

Method 1: Bring More Power Seeds Using the Razorback

  1. The Razorback is a vehicle in halo infinite with few seats.
  2. But It does have item attachment points at the back of the vehicle.
  3. You can use these attachment points to hold two power seeds, As you know the Razorback has 2 passengers seat, which means that you can being back 4 seeds to your base in total.
  4. Razorback can help you bring more seeds so it is suggested to use the vehicle instead of the other vehicles in the game

Method 2: Throw and Run Power Seeds

This is another method to win power seeds easily, but it is difficult for newer players as this requires you to multitask in the game. You have to throw, run and shoot enemies at the same time.

This is quite difficult for many players, but it is the fastest way to bring back seeds. You might need your squad to bring back even more seeds.

You can also watch the video given above for a better understanding of this method. It is more fun than method one because you can do this with your friends and have some great laughs along the way.

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