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Halo Infinite Beginners Guide | Top 8 Tips and Tricks 2022

Halo Infinite Tips and Tricks. This article will tell you the best 8 tips that you will ever need to become a pro player in Halo Infinite.

Halo Infinite is a free-to-play online FPS Shooter developed by 343 Games and Powered By Xbox Studios, Microsoft. The game’s official release date is yet to decide, But it’s somewhere later this year.

343 games have decided to launch a test flight 2 (closed beta) for everyone to enjoy and feel the upcoming Halo among the gamers.

If you are having a hard time winning the games in Halo Infinite, Don’t worry. We have some top tips for beginners to use to become a better player in 2021.

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How to get better in Halo Infinite?

We all know that there are many Pros out there are who are already so good at the game because they have been playing the Halo franchise their entire life. If you are a newbie, don’t worry. We have got you covered.

Halo is very different from other FPS shooters like Call of Duty, Battlefield, etc. But that is the best thing about Halo. It is unique and better than all of the other multiplayer shooters out there.

There is no point in saying this, but Halo infinite is quite difficult from other multiplayer games. But by applying all the tips and drills we have mentioned in the article, we help you improve your gameplay.

Tip 1 : Understanding the Game Mechanics

Halo Infinite Gameplay

Every new player in Halo Infinite needs to understand and get the flow of Halo game mechanics. As I said earlier, that Halo is quite different from all other FPS Shooters.

The Best and the easiest way to master the game mechanics is to hop in the game with AI Bots and start running around and killing bots. Try all the weapons like BR, Needler, Sniper. this will help you get familiar with the weapons in the game.

Once you get the hang of

  • Movement
  • Weapons
  • Controls
  • Sensitivity, etc.

After following all the basic stuff to learn in the game, You can finally proceed to the next pro tips I have for you.

Tip 2 : Halo Infinite Map Knowledge

halo infinite maps

One of the most crucial steps in becoming a pro player is Map Knowledge. Gaining the knowledge of all the Maps and points of interest, spawn places can help you become a better player.

All the players out there who are good at games, e.g., CSGO, Warzone, PUBG, Halo 3 Players, all have one thing in common: map knowledge.

Pro Players have spent countless hours on Halo Infinite to become good players at the game. So If you want to gain knowledge of Halo Maps, but you are not sure where to start? Then Simply the following steps.

Halo Infinite Maps List

Currently, there are only 3 Maps in Halo Infinite. There will be more Maps in the future, so you should learn these maps quickly and become good at the game in earlier stages.

  • Bazaar
  • Live Fire
  • Recharge

If you are bad at remembering maps like I am, I have an essential technique to memorize the maps. The best is to use the AI bot matches and Hop into a Map you want to master.

In this case, I want to master the Live Fire map, So what I am going to do is hop into a Bot AI match and on;y play in Half side of the map means you have to divide the map into two parts and play at one side.

After you have mastered the one half, you need to go for the other half to memorize the maps, don’t switch maps while practicing because it will confuse you.

Tip 3 : Best Mouse Sensitivity for Halo Infinite

mouse settings for halo infinite
Credits: Higor Hanschen

If you are a PC Player Like I am, you already know how Important your mouse sensitivity is in improving your Aim and hitting the shots you usually miss on a bad sensitivity.

Let me get one thing out of the way. Many people will ask you to lower the game sensitivity so that you can improve your aim accuracy. That is true in some conditions only because you have to consider everything, e.g., your surroundings, setup, mouse pad size, etc.

You get the point not all players can play on low sensitivity because some people are good with high sensitivity. Also, you have to take all the other things I have mentioned above into consideration.

3.1 : For Smaller Mouse Pads

Low sensitivity will not do you any good if you have a small mouse pad because lower sensitivity requires a large mouse pad. You have to mouse your hand more while shooting 360’s and whatnot.

You can buy a new Mouse pad or turn your sensitivity a little high to fix this issue. I will suggest you hop into AI matches and see what fits best for you.

3.2 : For Large Mouse Pads

Generally, better gear means better performance in games, and yes, this is true because good equipment can help you improve accuracy, and performance brands like HyperX, Razor is outstanding examples.

You can use lower and higher sensitivity on large mouse pads because of all the space. You can quickly move your hand across your table.

But after all of this, you still need the practice to get a perfect sensitivity. So practice every day in-game and get better.

Also, make sure you disable mouse acceleration because that will help you with a steady aim and remove unnecessary mouse movements in the game.

Tip 4 : Improve your Aim in Halo Infinite

You got everything in order, but your Aim is not very good in the game, and you are frustrated by getting killed by every player you face.

Don’t worry if that’s how you feel. I can help you because I used to suck big time in Halo. After all, Halo was a completely different experience for me, switching from a game like Warzone. It was tough to get a better Aim in Halo.

Before we get started on the aim guide, let us understand different types of Aim so you can focus on what aim option is better for you to focus on.

  1. Mechanical Aim
  2. Passive Aim

What is a Mechanical Aim?

Mechanical is defined as how well you move your mouse from one target to another. This includes many things like Aim while strafing, aim at moving targets, quick reactions time on targets, and more.

This skill is tough to master because it requires a lot of muscle memory and aim training. If you master your mechanical Aim will help you get better in nearly all FPS games because your muscle memory becomes familiar with all video games effortlessly.

How to Improve your Mechanical Aim?

Improve Aim in halo infinite

The best way to improve your mechanical Aim is to download and use apps like 3D Aim trainer or Aimlabs. These apps will give you daily tasks and goals so that you can improve your Aim quickly.

I use the 3D Aim trainer because it’s easy for me to use. Before entering a match in Halo Infinite, I always warm up using this tool for about 15 minutes. This will help my arm warm up and build my muscle memory.

What is Passive Aim?

Passive Aim is very different from mechanical Aim because it varies from game to game, which means you will have difficulty switching to new games. You have to practice more to improve your Aim.

How to Improve your Passive Aim?

Halo infinite drills to improve aim

Passive Aim also sometimes refers to crosshair placement, which means how well you know the map and where to aim while shooting in the game.

This skill can only be achieved with a lot of practice in the game. I will suggest you head into Academy Weapon Drills and start shooting bots. This will help you improve your Aim and build muscle memory.

Tip 5 : Best Game Settings for Halo Infinite

It is essential to feel connected with your game controls and your visual settings. Better in-game settings can help you improve your gameplay 10x better. If you don’t believe me, you can try it on your own.

I have mentioned some great settings below. You can copy the settings, or you can take an idea and make your settings.

5.1 : Game Controls

Before heading for the game settings, I will suggest you set better and comfortable controls for yourself. By that statement, I mean all your essential controls should be easy to access by all of your fingers so that you can take quick action.

5.2 : Graphics Settings

If you like playing video games in High Graphics, then it’s good. I do too, but high settings on single-player games sound reasonable because we enjoy the environment. But when we get competitive, we need to have the maximum framerates possible.

Low Settings in Halo Infinite can help you see enemies better. You can also see the players hiding in dark spots. This will help you improve your game slightly.

FOV (Field of View)

Increasing your field of view to the max can help you improve your gameplay; by doing this, you will see more players and more parts of your screen. This can help you improve your gameplay also. It will reduce the minor headaches you get while playing FPS games.


Crackup your framerate to maximum in-game this will help you get a better FPS in-game. You will be able to see more frames in-game means you can even see the slight movements of the enemies, which will give you a reasonably high advantage over other players.

Motion Blur Off

Turning off the motion blur will remove the blurry screen while moving so that when you quickly move while adsing, you can see the screen clearly and know its position, which is very important.

These are some main settings in-game you need to use, as mentioned. The rest of the settings shown in the images you can copy and test on your own for your peace of mind.

Tip 6 : Communication with Teammates

halo infinite teamwork
Halo Infinite Teamwork

Communication is the most important factor many people won’t agree but having a half party of members is better than playing with random people with no mics.

Most Streamers and Pros in-game are usually better because they play with the team and are better players.

Communicating while playing can improve your gaming performance in Halo 10x better. This will help you understand the importance of teamwork and help you get calls from your teammates on the location of the enemies.

If you don’t like using a mic, you can use the Halo infinite in-game ping function to help you ping enemies and locations so that your teammates can help you win more rounds.

By Pining the enemy or location, you will reveal the player’s location name. This will help your team gather info and plan their next move.

Tip 7 : Advanced Movement (Move Like a Ninja)

Movement is an essential factor in the game. If you are bad at movement, then don’t worry. We have created an advanced movement guide that will help you move like a ninja in Halo infinite.

Tips added in the article mentioned are potent and require a bit of practice. So I will suggest you perform these tips in training mode, which will help you understand these mechanisms.

Tip 8 : Important Game Features

There are many essential game features in Halo Infinite. For now, I have mentioned a few of them to get an idea of what I am mentioned in this tip.

Pinging – Ping your enemies or location for your teammates if you don’t have a mic. this will help you communicate with your team.

AI Scan – If you struggle with using the same weapon, you should use an AI scan. This will help you locate all the weapons that are hidden in your surroundings. Picking up weapons like Snipers, Needler, Shotgun can help you get more kills and easy wins.

Weapons Spawn in Map – Weapons Spawn in maps at different locations. You will see a box with a blue line when this blueline is filled, which means the weapon is ready to pick up.

When you pick up a high-tier weapon like Needler until you are out of ammo or the weapon is laying on the ground for long enough, then only that weapon is respawned, so you need to get it before anyone else does.

Power Weapons – Power Weapons like the Gravity Hammer can help you get more kills in the game and control the area because power weapons are the most important and not spawned in the locker.

gravity hammer in halo infinite power weapon.
Gravity Hammer

You can acquire these weapons using a grenade or your grapple. As we have seen in Halo Infinite Gameplay reveal.

Grenades – Use more and more grenades in your gunfights because they will help you get more damage and kills.

Overshield – Using overshield can help you take more and more damage in-game and get more kills. You can pick up the overshield and keep it as a piece of equipment. Always use it whenever you think it fits.

Repulsor – Repulsor is one of the best tools in halo infinite you can repulse your enemies far away or you can use it to jump high in the air, You can be as creative as you want with it.

Grapple Hook – Grapple Hook is an essential feature in the game. You can use the grapple to move around the map, pick up weapons, gadgets and save your time in the game. This will help you to pull out some incredible and smart plays in the Halo infinite.

Unlock Skins – Unlocking and using Halo Infinite Skins can also improve your gameplay. Believe it or not, Skins give you fair advantages in-game they look cool you also feel excellent and superior while using them. There are many skins in-game, like the Yoroi Samurai Armor Skin, which you can unlock for free.

We will continue to add more and more tips in this article to become a better player. Thanks for reading the article. I hope you have a good day.

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Written by
Owen Singh

Owen Singh is a Tech, esports writer for Future Gaming that specializes in CSGO, Warzone, Apex, and Many other FPS Games esports scenes. He is also specialised in MMORPG and other similar genres.


  • Thanks for the halo guide I was looking for something good, This one is really informative and detailed. You should add about halo upcoming vehicles as well.

  • Hey y’all want a advantage over yiur enemies? Crank aim sensitivity to 10. It’s not like other games 10 is still to slow. Then adjust aim acceleration up 1 or 2 levels and you’ll have a huge upper hand on opponents using default. U can turn faster so u can shoot them faster. Also I’d suggest switching to bumper jumper. Yeah it’ll take a day or two to learn but your at a huge disadvantage on default.
    Been dominating for 20 years with these settings, the old dudes all know these tricks.

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